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Ch8Pt4 Osho Meditation True Name Nanak Omkar Guru God Boundless Buddha

Nanak says: COUNTLESS ARE YOUR NAMES AND THE PLACES WHERE YOU DWELL, and countless the realms where no one has yet been. What is the sense in saying countless when it only increases the burden on your mind? In truth, to speak about God is only to increase the load of words; because whatever you say only magnifies the burden on your mind, because whatever you say will be basically wrong.

Suppose a man stands at the shore of an ocean and pronounces: "This ocean is boundless." If he has not tried to measure the ocean and is only making a statement, what is the use of it? The Pacific Ocean is said to be five miles deep, yet you cannot say it is boundless, because that means that which is truly without a boundary.

If we ask him what he meant, he may say, "I was just standing at the shore and made the statement." Then he has used the wrong words. If he says, "I dived down but could not find the bottom," then too it would have been incorrect, because only as far below as he dived was there no ground. Perhaps if he had gone a little deeper he might have reached the ocean bed. In that case what he should have said is, "I went five miles below the surface but did not find the bottom of the ocean." If he had said he went all the way down and still there was no ground, it is a lie. When you go the whole distance you are bound to hit the sea bed because then nothing is left of the sea.

What can you say with regard to God? For you to say He is boundless you must know Him in his entirety. But at that point all words become meaningless, for the depth has been reached, the ultimate attained. Or you might say you went very far but you did not reach the depth. There, too, you should not use the word boundless. For who knows? -- Had you traveled a little more you might have reached the destination.

How can you say innumerable? Is your counting over? If so, no matter how imposing the figure, it is still not beyond counting. If you say that you are still counting, then wait; don't be in a hurry to make statements because, who knows, your calculations still may be completed.

So to call God innumerable is to call the innumerable by its own name; you merely add to the weight of your thoughts. Whatever you call Him -- fathomless, infinite, boundless -- makes no difference. It is useless and meaningless to say anything about God. Whatever you say is only a statement about yourself. The man who says God is fathomless is only admitting that God is beyond his capacity for measuring.

Different people have different measures of determining the innumerable. There is an African tribe whose counting does not go beyond three. When there is no numeral beyond three, all things after three become countless. In fact this tribe only counts up to two. Three became too many, too much. Beyond three -- which is already too much -- comes infinity.

Is God really countless or does our counting come to a stop? Is He immeasurable or do our measuring devices run out? Is He boundless or do our legs give way so we can go no further? Whatever we say, we are saying about ourselves; we cannot say a single thing about Him. It would be better to limit our talk to speaking about ourselves, because that can be the truth.

We become absolutely incapable and incompetent before Him; none of our methods or approaches work. We fail, having been vanquished completely; in our complete defeat we call out: "Thou art boundless, infinite, fathomless!" Then we are speaking of our inability to fathom Him; if we feel we have said something about Him, we only increase the load of our thoughts.

You cannot -- just cannot -- say anything about God. You can only remain silent with regard to Him. Complete silence alone gives an inkling of God. Therefore, says Nanak, even calling Him countless, unfathomable is only increasing your load of words. Say nothing -- absolutely nothing! Become something. Do not say a word. When your personality undergoes a transformation, you come nearer to God. A labyrinth of words merely adds to your confusion and you are nowhere near God.

When Nanak was admitted into the school the first question he asked of his teacher was, "Will your teaching help me to know God?" The teacher was taken aback because he never expected such questions from children. He replied, "By learning you shall come to know a great deal, but this learning will not enable you to know God."

"Then show me the method through which I can know God. What shall I do with knowing so many things? If I know the One I shall know all. Have you known this One, teacher?"

The tutor must have been an honest person. He took Nanak back to his house and told his father, "Forgive me, but there is nothing I can teach this child. He already knows so much that he asks questions to which I have no answer. This boy is superhuman and is destined to be great. We cannot teach him anything. It would be better for us to learn something from him."

How do we explain this? In India we have a specific philosophical explanation for just such occurrences: Nanak's body is that of a child, but the consciousness within the body is ancient. Through innumerable births his consciousness searched and struggled until he came to understand that He cannot be known by knowing. You cannot establish contact with Him through words. Only through silence can you hope to communicate with Him. What the child Nanak says is the outcome of knowledge attained by his consciousness over infinite births.

No child is completely a child, for no child is born with a blank slate. He brings along with him the impressions of all he has gathered through infinite births. So give the child his due respect; who knows, he may know more than you! Your body may be older than his, but the age of his experiences can be greater than yours. Many times we find children asking questions that baffle us, and we have no answer; but because we are older and stronger, we think we should know, and therefore we smother their curiosity with a heavy hand.

Nanak was fortunate that his tutor was an honest person, so they went back to Nanak's house, because it became absolutely clear to him that what the child said was true. He realized that if all the scriptures had not made him wise, what was the sense in teaching the same useless things to this child? It would only increase his burden.

In knowing the One all burdens drop. To know everything is only to overload the mind; to say countless is only to load the mind. The word, the letter, is the name.

The word is His name. Omkar is His name and that alone is His praise and the prayer. Say nothing -- just nothing. Just fill yourself with the resonance of Omkar and the prayer has begun! Do not say anything. Do not say: I am a sinner, I am lowly; You are the redeemer! There is also no sense in kneeling, falling to the ground, crying and wailing -- that is no sign of prayer.

Man has devised such prayers for God as he would use to praise and flatter an egotistic person. Go to a king, fall at his feet, join your hands and call him your redeemer, call him your savior and he is very pleased with you. So you have made up prayers for God accordingly.

Nanak says: This is not prayer. God is no egotist. Then whom are you trying to flatter? Whom are you trying to deceive? You must be trying to get something out of Him by singing his praises, or else what reason lies behind all this praise? No, prayer does not mean praise. What value has praise? Therefore Nanak says again and again: What is one to say of creation or nature? How is one to express the wonder that is? There are no words to describe it.

What else can be meant by prayer? The only meaning is to be filled with Omkar. There is no prayer, no worship besides the resonance of Omkar. Temples have been so designed that the cupola reechoes with the resonance of Om and throws the vibrations back to you. Special attention was given whenever a temple was built so that if you pronounce Om in the correct manner a single resonance bounds back to you a thousandfold.

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