Osho meditation the true name with Nanak Omkar Guru satnam kabir gurudwara amrit vela japuji buddha Ch3Pt3

Ch3Pt3 Osho Meditation True Name Nanak Omkar Guru Satnam Kabir Gurudwara Amrit Vela Japuji Buddha

Before falling to sleep, lie in bed completely relaxed. Still the mind in every way, don't let any thoughts drag you here and there, or else you will miss the moment. Let the mind become like the cloudless sky: not a trace of a cloud, that's how empty the mind should be. Keep watching, be alert; because when the mind becomes empty there is the danger of your falling asleep. Keep watch within. If you succeed in remaining awake, soon you will hear a sound -- the changing of gear -- but it is a very, very subtle sound. If thoughts are rambling within, you will never hear it. Then you will be able to witness the day turn into night, waking turn into slumber, and also sleep turning into awakening. You stand apart, witnessing the various processes.

The one who is witnessing, the seer, is the nectar. Then you will easily observe waking consciousness fading out and sleep coming in; and in the morning you will see slumber depart and consciousness dawning. When you become capable of seeing both sleep and awaking, you will stand apart from both. You become the seer. This is the nectar moment. Nanak says, at this moment -- the amrit vela -- let your experience be of His glories.

And this feeling should be: He is truth, His name is truth. Do not say the words, keep only the feeling within. If you begin reciting the Japuji you will miss it; no words, no thoughts -- only feelings. If in that moment you begin reciting His attributes: "You are great, You are boundless, You are such..." you will miss it. The moment is so very subtle.

Remember the experience of falling in love. Did you need to express your feelings over and over? Do you need to sing the beauty of your beloved every time you meet? Words make everything hollow and superficial. The truth is, as soon as you begin to express it, the glory of love is gone! You cannot express love in words.

When you sit with your beloved in silence a feeling of the glory of love resounds within the heart. You are thrilled, you are in bliss, you are happy and cheerful without any reason. You feel filled to the brim for no reason. All emptiness is gone; you are replete with love. The lover feels the stream of love overflowing, like a river so full that it pours over its banks! You will always find lovers silent, while husband and wife are always talking. They are afraid to be silent. In silence there would be no connection between them, because their relationship is one of conversation and words. If the husband is quiet the wife is worried; if the wife is quiet the husband feels something has gone wrong. Only when they quarrel are they quiet. The silence you now use for quarrels should be used for the highest love.

When two people are intensely in love they are so overwhelmed with feeling that there is no room for words. In this state they may hold hands or embrace, but speech is completely lost. Lovers become dumb; talking seems trivial, it seems an obstruction. For speech would destroy the profound silence; speech would snap the strings of the heart; speech would disturb the surface of the ocean and waves would begin to form. Therefore lovers become silent.

In that moment of nectar you are not to allow a single thought, or form any words. You have to preserve the mood, the feeling of His supreme glory, of loving gratitude for all He has given. You are full -- overfull; you want nothing. Let thankfulness, gratitude flow from you.


There is nothing to say, what can we say to Him? All words are useless. Meditate on satnam. Be filled with the true name and you will feel you have established a rhythm with the amrit vela. Be alert and you will be shocked! You will feel you have become a flame of light without beginning or end, which always is, true and eternal. It is in this flame that the doors of existence open and the hidden truth is revealed.

Nanak says: Through your actions this body is achieved. In that intense moment you will know that the body is a result of actions, of karma; and it is His benevolent, all-compassionate eyes that open the door of salvation. The body is the fruit of your actions.

A few things need to be clarified here. First: only certain things can be attained by actions, only what is petty and trivial. The vast absolute cannot be attained through actions. Kabir has said, "All happens by nondoing." You have to be in the state of nondoing in order to attain the absolute.

Whatever I do cannot be greater than myself. How could it be otherwise? The action can never be greater than its doer. The sculpture is never greater than the sculptor, the poem never transcends the poet. It is just not possible. Whatever comes out of you is invariably less than you, or at the most, it can be equal to you -- but never greater. How will you attain God? Your actions will achieve nothing; the more you try through action the more you will wander.

In a vain attempt to hide this wandering you have carved images in temples. There is no way to fashion God, because God fashions us. You make idols, you make temples -- these bear the imprint of your hands and therefore are insignificant. How can the absolute that is so vast come out of your hands? But it is also possible that your creation may bear the stamp of God -- when you leave yourself completely to Him; then it is He who acts, and you are only the implement.

A wealthy Indian industrialist has constructed many temples bearing his name. No trace of God will ever be found there. What has it to do with God? You will not find Him in the temple, nor in the church, nor in the mosque, nor even in the gurudwara, because these bear the stamp of Hindu, Christian, Mohammedan and Sikh.

There can be no name to God's temple. He is without name; therefore His temple also has to be nameless. Whatever you make, however beautiful, however loaded with precious stones, it will bear the stamp of man. Your temple may be bigger than other temples, it cannot be bigger than you. And He can only manifest in your temple when you become completely nonmanifest; there should not be a trace of you anywhere.

Until now we have been unable to construct a temple where there is no stamp of man. All temples belong to someone or other. The builder of the temple is very much in the atmosphere of the temple. No temple is truly His. The truth in fact is, there is no need to build a temple to Him because the whole of existence is His temple. It is He twittering in the birds; it is He blooming within the flowers; it is He wafting in the breeze; it is He gurgling in the rivers and brooks. The whole wide sky is His expanse and you are a wave that has arisen in Him. His temple is so vast, how can you contain Him in your small places of worship?

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