Chapter 4.2

Energy Enhancement and The Chakras.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs a Plagiarism of the Chakras.

Maslow said that evolution of man was how he gradually fulfilled the "Hierarchy of Needs". His level of evolution was shown by which level of the hierarchy he placed his life attention.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

The Psychological Expression of the Chakras.

Chakra Body Position.

Associated Endocrine Gland together with illnesses associated with the Chakra.

1. Negative energy or blockages in the Base Chakra are the cause of fears about security. The removal of this negative energy gives mastery of basic security needs like food, money, and housing. The Mastery of the fear of not having them. Last of all the mastery of the fear of death. The Base Chakra is symbolised by the tantrics as a shiva lingam surrounded by three and a half coils of a kundalini snake. As we clear out the base chakra so the Initiations are taken as the snake rises to the fourth coil or the fourth chakra and so on.

1. The Base Chakra is located in the coccyx. The trigger point in the perineum where resides a muscle which stops us urinating and ejaculating semen in men. The trigger point is in the vulva in women. It is known as Muladhara Chakra in India. It is associated with security. Its sense is smell. It controls the fight or flight reaction through the adrenal gland. The energetic blockages of fear in the base chakra cause stiffness, pain and illnesses in the vulva, prostate, hips and legs.

2. Blockages are selfish dependant desire and are the cause of unhappy dependant relationships. There are many fears about abuse, bereavement and divorce in relationships. Removal of negative energy or blockages to the energy flows in this center gives mastery of Sexual Desire and Mastery of strong independent and happy relationships

2. The Sacral, Second or Swadisthan Chakra is located in the abdomen below the navel. Its sense is taste. Its blockages are associated with selfish uncontrolled, sexual desire and attachment. Its function is the creation of children and the energetic feeding of children through energetic connections. It controls the sex glands -Ovaries and Testes. Physical illness is caused by blockages in this area.

3. Fear in this area causes us to use power selfishly only for our own benefit. As we remove the negative energy causing the blockages, we get mastery of the use of power for the benefit of all and the mastery of selfish desire for objects or things

3. The Solar Plexus, Third or Manipur Chakra is located in the soft spot just below the center of the lower ribs- the sternum. Its sense is vision. It is the major energetic reservoir of the body. It releases its energy through the pancreas which synthesises insulin which burns sugar. If this chakra is out of whack, after a time digestive problems, ulcers, and diabetes is the result.

4. The First major blockage to enlightenment is between the Solar Plexus and the Heart Center. The Solar Plexus should power the Heart. Any blockage in the Solar Plexus the Heart or between them causes problems to The Mastery of Loving Relationships in partnerships, groups and organisations.

4. The Heart Chakra is the Fourth or Anahata Chakra and is located just to the right center of the chest. Its sense is touch and its energy emmanates through the hands as in Reiki as well as in the centre of the chest. It controls the immune system through the Thymus gland. Any problems with the giving and receiving of love will cause toxins to reside there and the immune system thus to suffer. Heart disease, AIDS, Cancer are physical expressions of this problem.

5. The second major blockage to enlightenment is between the second chakra and the throat. The second chakra should power the throat. Any blockages to the second chakra, the throat or between them causes problems to the Mastery of Purification of thoughtforms, travel on the astral plane and The Mastery of Creativity in Art, Science, Philosophy and Business.

5. The Throat Chakra is the Fifth Chakra also called Visshuddhi Chakra and is located in the pit of the throat. Its senses are speach, singing, chanting and hearing both normal and psychic. It controls the metabolism through the Thyroid and Parathyroid glands

6. Self Actualisation. The Third Blockage to Enlightenment is between the Base Chakra and the Head Chakras. Blockages to these Chakras and between them will cause problems to the Master Control Center of all the Chakras, the intellect, and the creation and use of Thoughtforms, entities, ideals and ideas.

6. The Third Eye, Sixth or Ajna Chakra is located in the center of the forehead. Like a snake the Energy curves from the forehead like the ornamentation seen on the headresses of Ancient Egyptian Pharoes. It controls the Sixth sense of the intellect and is associated with the Pineal Gland.

7. Self Transcendence. The Third Initiation of enlightenment is stopped by blockages between the Base Chakra and the Head Chakras. Blockages between these chakras and within them cause problems to the Mastery of Self Transcendence, Connection with the Higher Self, The Soul, The Spiritual Triad, Ascended Masters, The Central Spiritual Sun and I AM The Monad.

7. The Crown Chakra is the Seventh or Sahasrara Chakra above the top of the Head. It is also "The Thousand Petalled Lotus" or the "Golden Flower". It controls the Seventh Sense of Connection with higher Energies, and is associated with the Pituitary Gland.

  A Table of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and the Chakras.



The last Stage of Self Transcendence is just another way of saying Enlightenment. The Seven Stages of the Hierarchy of Needs is just a plagiarism on the Theories of Tantric or Kundalini Yoga known about in India for thousands of years.

Kundalini Yoga talks about the psychological aspects of the seven major energy centers spread out along the spine called chakras.

The Seven Major Chakras spread out along the Spine.

The spinal chord is an extension of the brain. It is made up of the same type of cells. It is surrounded by the same cerebral fluid as is the brain. The spine acts as a communication bus, in computer terminology, between all the chakra parallel processors which make up the Human Being.

The basic psychological function of each chakra is given in the Table above.


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