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Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - The Planetary Life - A Center in the Solar System
It might here be added that the will-to-be is, from one angle, the energy of immortality; it is the energy which pours into and works through the head center, whilst the will-to-live demonstrates as the fundamental instinct of self-preservation and is to be found positively focused in the center at the base of the spine. The latter is related to the personality [192] and is closely allied to desire, and therefore to the solar plexus center; there is a direct line of hitherto unrecognized energy between the lowest center in the spine and the solar plexus; the other is related to the divine-spiritual man and is closely allied to the soul, and therefore to the heart center.

The intricacy of all these relationships is most difficult for the neophyte to grasp, and this difficulty is further increased by the many and varying stages of development, of ray distinctions, and also by the numerous emphases or principles which are laid upon vehicles, upon differing planes and planetary levels of consciousness and of existence. With all this the student is not asked to deal. The factors of importance which he should attempt to realize and upon which he can construct the temple of his life and his current mode of living are simply the following - and they are the same for each and all, no matter what his ray or his point in evolution may be:

  1. Man's etheric body is an integral part of the planetary etheric body and is responsive to the free distribution of the many circulating energies.
  2. The three periodical vehicles which compose the expression of the human being and which make him what he is (the Monad, the Soul, and the Personality) are each related to the three planetary centers: Shamballa, the Hierarchy, and Humanity, and therefore to each of man's individual three major centers.
  3. The three centers in the human being which are to be found above the diaphragm (the head, the heart and the throat centers) are the organs of reception for energies coming from the three planetary centers. [193]
  4. The agent for the distribution of the energies received via the head, the heart and the throat centers is the ajna center between the eyebrows.
  5. The agent for the purification, transmutation and transmission of the energies of all centers below the diaphragm is the solar plexus center. It is this center through which the majority of human beings are at this time working. It is the major controlling center, both for the reception and the distribution of energies, until such time as the heart center is awakening and beginning to control the personality.

There is necessarily much more to be said anent this subject of the major planetary and human centers, but I have here given the student enough upon which to ponder (I had almost said upon which to puzzle). The one important thing to be borne in mind is the relationship between the centers, i.e.:

  1. Between the centers below the diaphragm and those above it.
  2. Between the three major centers with each other.
  3. Between the three major centers and the three planetary centers.

All of this must be thought of in terms of circulating and freely moving energies, distributing themselves throughout the etheric body of the planet (and therefore through the human etheric body) under the essential purpose of Shamballa and under the direction of the Hierarchy.

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