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Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - The Centers and the Personality
It is relatively easy to list the four cosmic ethers and then list the four ethers of the physical plane as we know them, and then make the statement that the average person is controlled by the centers below the diaphragm, which are responsive to the physical plane ethers as they transmit energies from the three worlds of human evolution, and that the initiate is responsive to the cosmic ethers, as they play through and awaken the centers above the diaphragm. It must at the same time be remembered that the seven centers in the etheric vehicle of man are always composed of the physical ethers, but become - upon the Path of Discipleship - the vehicles of the cosmic ethers. To retain the picture with clarity, it might be well to consider very briefly the four aspects of the centers as I have listed them above, or that totality which they present to the eye of the See-er.

These are:

1. The Point at the Center. This is the "jewel in the lotus," to use the ancient oriental appellation; it is the point of life by means of which the Monad anchors itself upon the physical plane, and is the life principle therefore of all the transient vehicles - developed, undeveloped or developing. This point of life contains within itself all possibilities, all potentialities, all experiences and all vibratory activities. It embodies the will-to-be, the quality of magnetic attraction (commonly called love), and the active intelligence which will bring the livingness and the love into full expression. The above statement or definition is one of major importance. This point at the center is in reality, therefore, all that IS and the other three aspects of life - as listed - are merely indications of its existence. It is that which has capacity to withdraw to its Source, or to impose upon itself [170] layer upon layer of substance; it is the cause of the return of the so-called Eternal Pilgrim to the Father's Home after many aeons of experience, as well as that which produces experiment, leading to eventual experience and final expression. It is also that which the other three aspects shield, and which the seven principles (expressing themselves as vehicles) protect. There are seven of these "points" or "jewels," expressing the sevenfold nature of consciousness, and as they are brought one by one into living expression, the seven subrays of the dominating monadic ray are also one by one made manifest, so that each initiate-disciple is (in due time) a Son of God in full and outer glory.

The time comes when the individual etheric body is submerged or lost to sight in the light emanating from these seven points and colored by the light of the "jewel in the lotus" in the head, the thousand petalled lotus. Each center is then related by a line of living fire and each is then in full divine expression.

Much emphasis has been placed by teachers in the past upon the "killing out" of the centers below the diaphragm, or upon the transference of the energies of these centers into their higher correspondences. This I also have pointed out in other writings and instructions, because it is a definite way in which to convey essential truth. These methods of expression are, however, only symbolic phrases, and to that extent are true; nevertheless, at the close of the evolutionary process every single center in the etheric body is a living, vibrant and beautiful expression of the basic energy which has ever sought to use it. They are, however, energies which are dedicated to divine and not to material living, and are clear, pure and radiant; their central point of light is of such a brilliance that the ordinary eye of man can scarcely register it. At this point it must be remembered that though there are seven of these points, one at the center of each lotus, [171] there are only three types of such "jewels in the lotus" because the Monad expresses only the three major aspects of divinity, or the three major rays.

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