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Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - Planetary and Human Centers
I am quite aware that what I am here communicating may seem to you the veriest nonsense and there is, of course, no possible way in which I can prove to you the factual nature of this inter-communicating system or in which you can check and confirm what I say; but then, my brothers, you have no way as yet of ascertaining the factual existence of Sanat Kumara and yet from the very night of time His existence has been proclaimed by the Hierarchy and [165] accepted by millions. Every human being believes a great deal more than he can prove or the validity of which he can establish.

The centers are in reality those "crossing points" of energies where the etheric body possesses seven triangles or transformed points. From the angle of Shamballa the centers in a human being resemble a triangle with a point at the center.

From the angle of the Hierarchy, conditions are somewhat different. You have the seven centers portrayed as lotuses, with varying numbers of petals; nevertheless there is always preserved and recognizably present a triangle, at the very heart of the lotus; always there is the triangle with its communicating point, and to this we give the name, the "jewel in the lotus." You have therefore the following symbolic presentation of the lotus, and you would do well to study it with care.


The personality of the man is conditioned by the circle, which is the emanating influence of the lotus, and an interplay is thereby set up. The lotus itself is conditioned by the soul and in its turn conditions the "sphere of influence in the aura of the lotus" thus reaching into and conditioning the personality life. The triangle is conditioned by the Spiritual Triad, when the antahkarana is built or in process of building, and in its turn first of all inspires or fires the soul, and then finally destroys it. The dot at the center is indicative of monadic life, first of all in its lowest expression of physical life and vitality, and finally as the "point of sensitivity." Therefore we have:

  1. The Point at the center, indicative of the monadic life. [166]
  2. The related energies of the egoic lotus, conditioned by the soul.
  3. The sphere of radiation, the emanating influence of the lotus, conditioning the personality.
  4. The triangle of energy, conditioned by the Spiritual Triad.

The foregoing instruction on the etheric body is not long but it contains much that is relatively new and provides much food for assimilation. [167]

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