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Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - The Basis of Non-Separateness
Each of the four ethers, as they are sometimes called, is intended - as far as man is concerned - to be a channel or expression of the four cosmic ethers. At present this is very far from being the case. It can only truly be so when the antahkarana is built and acts, therefore, as a direct channel for the cosmic ethers to which we have given the names of universal life, monadic intensity, divine purpose and pure reason. Ponder for a while on these types of energy and creatively imagine their effect when, in due course of time and spiritual unfoldment, they can pour unrestrictedly into and through the etheric body of a human being. At present, the etheric body is responsive to energies from:
  1. The physical world. These are not principles but are the feeders and controllers of the animal appetites.
  2. The astral world, determining the desires, emotions and aspirations which the man will express and go after upon the physical plane.
  3. The lower mental plane, the lower mind, developing self-will, selfishness, separateness and the direction and trend of the life upon the physical plane. It is [157] this directive instinct which, when turned to higher matters, eventually opens the door to the higher cosmic etheric energies.
  4. The soul, the principle of individualism, the reflection in the microcosm of the divine intention and - speaking symbolically - being to the entire monadic expression that which "stands at the midway point," the instrument of true sensitivity, of responsive ability, the spiritual counterpart of the solar plexus center which is found at the midway point between that which lies above the diaphragm and that which is found below it.

When the antahkarana is constructed and the higher three are directly related to the lower three, then the soul is no longer needed. Then, reflecting this event, the four etheric levels become simply the transmitters of the energy emanating from the four cosmic etheric levels. The channel is then direct, completed and unimpeded; the etheric network of light is then of great brilliance, and all the centers in the body are awakened and functioning in unison and rhythm. Then - corresponding to the directly related Monad and Personality - the head center, the thousand-petalled lotus, the brahmarandra, is as directly related to the center at the base of the spine. Thus complete dualism, in place of the previous triple nature of the divine manifestation, is established:

  1. Monad - Personality.
    With the threefold soul no longer needed.
  2. Head center - Center at base of spine.
    With the intermediate five centers no longer required. [158]

The Old Commentary says, in this connection:

"Then the three that ranked as all that was, functioning as one and controlling all the seven, no longer are. The seven who responded to the three, responding to the One, no longer hear the triple call which determined all that was. Only the two remain to show the world the beauty of the living God, the wonder of the Will-to-Good, the Love which animates the Whole. These two are One, and thus the work, completed, stands. And then the Angels sing." [159]

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