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Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - Sequential Revelation of Relationships
True capacity to invoke and evoke (within initiate ranks) is based upon a mysterious development - impossible before the time of the third initiation - of the esoteric sense. The active use of the esoteric sense in the occult training offered to aspirants, disciples and initiates of lesser degree produces certain changes within the brain, with corresponding changes within the buddhic vehicle; these changes enable one at will (after the third Initiation of Transfiguration) to contact the Being, Life, or the monadic POINT of contact with Whom he will be increasingly affiliated, or the Member of the Hierarchy Whom he may desire to consult. It does not involve the use of speech or words but is simply a technical method whereby an initiate within the Hierarchy or en rapport with Shamballa can make his presence felt and certain ideas can be presented by him. Upon this I will not further enlarge.

For average humanity, the development of the intuition is the lower correspondence to this type of esoteric sense employed by initiates of high degree - or this mode of perceptive intercourse, as it is sometimes called. Within the Ashrams, advanced disciples are taught how to discover within themselves and to use this new potency and thus develop the needed mechanism. They can know simultaneously both the demand and the answer or response which their invocation application has evoked. All disciples who [73] have taken the third initiation have the power to invoke and to be evoked, and hence this technique is not permitted to those of lower status. A highly developed discriminative faculty is here needed. It is in reality an advanced part of the technique whereby - in the earliest stages - the disciple is permitted to attract the attention of the Master. This he does through the very importunity of his desire; later, through the use of his acquired knowledge, he proceeds to what is called "the regulated nature of his appeal." The appeal is then less regulated by desire and more under the control of will.

I am not here dealing with invocation and evocation as it is carried on between Humanity and the Hierarchy. I gave much along this line when I made public the various Invocations whereby I have been attempting to substitute the invocative method for the selfish use of prayer and the limiting mode of the average meditation process. It is a slow process by means of which this method of intercourse must be learnt and mastered, and no textbook or information on the subject is of much use. Nor am I going to deal with the ordinary telepathy prevalent among men and natural to so many, as this has been dealt with earlier in this book. But at this point I should like to emphasize something which applies to every human being. When animal-man passed through the door of individualization and became a human being he came possessed of an innate potency of sight; for aeons he has seen in the three worlds, and many have for several lives sought after the vision which stabilizes the aspirant upon the Path. Through the door of initiation, having attained the mystical vision, each aspirant will become aware of that within himself which permits of a spiritual perception of such an expansive nature that he gets his first real and individual glimpse of the divine Plan; from that moment his entire life is altered. Later (and this [74] I cannot expect the student to understand; if he thinks he does, he is being misled by words), he will pass through the door of identification. This is a perfectly meaningless phrase, since its significance is most carefully guarded. Symbolically speaking and in order to preserve the concept of this door in the mind of humanity, true esoteric meetings are entered on the password. Only the WORD can enter through this door - this highest and widest of all doors. Once through that door and once eligible to the Council Chamber of the Great Lord, the Initiate will comprehend what is meant by "monadic impression." It is not impression by a Monad (that meaningless term) upon the brain of a man who has constructed the antahkarana and passed the fourth initiation. It is an innate responsiveness to the Purpose of the Universal Mind of the One in Whom we live and move and have our being. [75]

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