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Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - Sequential Revelation of Relationships
X. Sequential Revelation of Relationships

I would like to refer you back to page 52 where I outlined this extraordinary science which is - inherently in itself - the evidence of evolution, of the essential dualism in manifestation, and the testimony, unalterable and incontrovertible, to the unfoldment of consciousness. At the same time, it proceeds upon the basic premise that the various phases of consciousness which are steadily and sequentially revealed in time and space are (from the point of view of the Eternal Now) the sumtotal of the states of consciousness of the "One in Whom we live and move and have our being." All these phases of conscious acceptance of existent phenomena and their related reactions are, to Sanat Kumara, what a day's experience and reactions or the current life experiences are to the intelligent man - only vastly more enveloping and comprehensive.

There were a number of points to which I did not refer then, but which I would like to take up now in the interests of clarity and understanding. I have called this science of rapport and of reaction, the Supreme Science of Contact. That is essentially what it is. The reaction to this contact, whether cosmic as in the case of Sanat Kumara, or planetary as in the case of the Members of the Hierarchy, is nevertheless limited and circumscribed (from the point of view of the informed aspirant), is responsible for the creation of Karma or the setting in motion of causes which must unalterably have their effects - these effects being negated and rendered useless (or innocuous, if you prefer that word) when the entity concerned brings to the engendered circumstances the needed intelligence, wisdom, [65] intuition or will. Ponder on this. Consciousness is inherent in all forms of life. That is an occult platitude. It is an innate potency which forever accompanies life in manifestation. These two, related through manifestation, are in reality atma-buddhi, spirit-reason, dedicated for the term of the creative period to a simultaneous functioning; the first result of their relation is the appearance of that which will enable the Lord of the World to express His Own unknown inscrutable purpose.

During the cycle of manifestation, this combination of life-awareness, spirit-reason, atma-buddhi, is the product of the multiplicity in unity of which we hear so much - demonstrating as activity, quality, ideology, rationality, relationship, unity, and many other expressions of the divine nature. In the earlier part of A Treatise on the Seven Rays, I spoke of life, quality and appearance, mentioning the major triplicity which could be and is already proven and apparent to man. Quality was emphasized as the second aspect, not because on all planes and for all time that is so, but because at the present point in human evolution, quality plus activity appear to be the two lower aspects of divine manifestation. Already, however, two others are, if anything, superseding them in the consciousness of thinking humanity - relationship and ideas. Still others will be rapidly added as the consciousness of man is more effectively employed.

The Science of Contact will not only reveal quality, but is revealing the lines of relationship which underlie all manifestation and of which the etheric body is the symbol. It is also rendering man sensitive to ideas as the unfolding intellect of man permits it. The reaction of humanity to these two revelations (which come, if you could but realize it, as the result, the reward, of contact and of the impact of life-reason upon that manifestation which has always been present though unrealized) will bring about vast [66] changes and more far-reaching results than has the reaction to quality. Curiously enough, the discovery of quality as the second aspect in manifestation (later to be superseded), called for, and developed, the critical faculty in man; this critical faculty (so destructive in its present use) will be correctly expressed when the nature of relationship is better grasped and the true function of ideas is properly understood.

This Supreme Science of Contact governs all reactions to impact. This statement includes the cosmic reactions of Sanat Kumara down to the scarcely discernible reactions (invisible almost even to the eye of the seer) of the infinitesimal atom. For the sake of clarity, I divided this science into three major divisions, basing them upon the reactions of the three major planetary centers to their environment. This is a point which I would have you carefully bear in mind. I could write a treatise longer than this one purely on the creation of the response apparatus which each of these three centers of divine life-reason had to form in order to make the needed contact and to interpret correctly. There are many paradoxes in what I am here giving you, and apparently some contradictions where orthodox occultism is concerned, but that is ever the case as the teaching expands in content and the earlier all-inclusive facts are seen to be minor aspects of still greater facts. You can see, therefore, the significance and the importance of the dictum in The Secret Doctrine that the Hierarchy and all in the Council Chamber of Sanat Kumara (or Shamballa) have invariably passed through the human stage of evolution, for only human beings can perfectly blend and express life-reason, and only human intellect can consciously create what is needed in order to bring the needed stages of manifested life into being. [67]

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