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Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - The Growth of Telepathic Rapport
V. The Growth of Telepathic Rapport

I would like to point out that the use of words telepathically must be mastered as a preliminary step to the use of sentences and of thoughts. Choose a word and meditate upon it, knowing wherefore you have chosen it. Study it in the four ways indicated by Patanjali; (The Light of the Soul, page 33) that is:

  1. Study its form, study it symbolically, as a word picture.
  2. Study it from the angle of quality, of beauty, of desire.
  3. Study its underlying purpose and teaching value, and its mental appeal.
  4. Study its very being and identify yourself with its divine underlying idea.

When you have reached this final stage, hold your consciousness steady at that high point as you (if you are a transmitter) send out the word to the receiver or to the receiving group. Receivers should in their turn achieve, as far as they can, complete alignment so as to be responsive to all these four aspects of the word. This method will serve to shift the receiver nearer to the plane where he should function - the level of the higher mind. The word goes out upon the life breath of the transmitter; his lower mind then sends out the purpose aspect; his astral consciousness is responsible for sending out the quality aspect; and the form aspect is sent out as he says the word - very softly and in a whisper.

The above is a good exercise and very simple; telepathic power should greatly increase if one faithfully follows these four stages - up and within, down and without - in the [32] work of transmitting. During the first or form stage one may use what symbolic forms one likes to embody the word, for such a word as "will" has no appropriate form like "pool" has; one may, if he choose, preserve the word form, seeing it letter for letter or as a whole. But one must be sure to end with the picture form or the word form with which he began; and that he sends out, at the close, what he formulated at the beginning.

To summarize: A group of disciples working in an Ashram has to learn that -

  1. Groups are held together by an inner structure of thought.
  2. The focus of the externalized group life is the etheric body.
    The etheric body is:
    1. A receiving agency.
    2. A circulating medium for energy coming from the mind, from the soul, from the Master, or from the group mind.
  3. The mind is the first exoteric expression of the soul consciousness, as far as the true aspirant is concerned.
  4. The following telepathic relationships are possible and must be borne in mind:
    1. Solar plexus to solar plexus.
    2. Mind to mind.
    3. Master to disciple.
    4. Groups of disciples to other similar groups.
    5. Subjective groups to objective receptive groups.
    6. The Hierarchy, through its great Leaders, to the various Ashrams of the Masters. [33]
    7. The Hierarchy to the New Group of World Servers.
  5. The major factors which must be considered in all telepathic work are:
    1. The initiating agent or emanating source.
    2. The recipient of the ideas, thoughts or energy.
    3. The medium of revelation.

The growth of telepathic rapport will bring in an era of universality and synthesis, with its qualities of recognized relationships and responsiveness. This will be, outstandingly, the glory of the Aquarian Age.

As the race achieves increasingly a mental polarization through the developing attractive power of the mental principle, the use of language for the conveying of thoughts between equals or of communicating with superiors will fall into disuse. It will continue to be used in reaching the masses and those not functioning upon the mental plane. Already voiceless prayer and aspiration and worship are deemed of higher value than the pleadings and proclamations of voiced expression. It is for this stage in the unfoldment of the race for which preparation must be made, and the laws, techniques and process of telepathic communication must be made plain so that they can be intelligently and theoretically understood.

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