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Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle - The Field of Telepathic Interplay
It is a fact that omnipresence, which is a law in nature and based on the fact that the etheric bodies of all forms constitute the world etheric body, makes omniscience possible. The etheric body of the planetary Logos is swept into activity by His directed will; energy is the result of His thought-form, playing in and through His energy body. This thought-form embodies and expresses His world Purpose. All the subhuman forms of life and the human forms up to the stage of advanced man are governed by divine thought through the medium of their energy bodies which are an integral part of the whole. They react, however, unconsciously and unintelligently. Advanced humanity, the mystics and the knowers, are becoming increasingly aware of the mind which directs the evolutionary process. When this awareness is cultivated and the individual mind is brought consciously into contact with the mind of God as it expresses itself through the illumined mind of the Hierarchy of adepts, we shall have the steady growth of omniscience. This is the whole story of telepathic interplay in the true sense; it portrays the growth of that oligarchy of elect souls who will eventually rule the world, who will be chosen so to rule, and who will be recognized by the mass as eligible for that high office through the coordination that they have established between:
  1. The universal mind.
  2. Their individual mind illumined by the soul consciousness.
  3. The brain, reacting to the individual mind, and
  4. The group of those whose minds and brains are similarly tuned and telepathically related. [8]

In connection with disciples and aspirants to discipleship, it is presumed that their minds are somewhat attuned to the soul; that they are also so aligned that the soul, mind and brain are coordinated and are beginning to function as a unit. This is the individual responsibility. Now comes the task of learning to be responsive to the group and to find and contact those minds which are energized by similar thought currents. This has to be cultivated. How, my brother, shall this be done? Let us consider the various types of telepathic work.

The undeveloped human being and the unthinking, non mental man or woman can be and often are telepathic, but the center through which they work is the solar plexus. The line of communication is, therefore, from solar plexus to solar plexus. This is therefore instinctual telepathy and concerns feeling in every case. It involves, invariably, radiations from the solar plexus, which in the case of the animal world serves usually as the instinctual brain. This type of telepathic communication is definitely a characteristic of the animal body of man, and one of the best illustrations of this telepathic rapport is that existing between a mother and her child. It is this type of telepathy which is predominantly present in the average spiritualistic seance. There the medium, quite unconsciously, sets up a telepathic rapport with the people in the circle. Their feelings, worries, sorrows, and desires become apparent and form part of the reading, so called. Both the sitters and the medium are functioning through the same center. With this class of medium, and in this type of seance, the highly intelligent and mentally polarized man or woman will learn nothing, and will probably receive no messages, unless faked. Hence, therefore, when it comes to scientific investigation by trained minds, physical phenomena has predominated and not the more subtle forms of psychism. Where [9] the more subtle forms of super- or extra-sensory perception have been involved, the subjects have been either adolescent or in their early twenties and have been primarily and rightly focused in the emotional-feeling body. This is true even when they are highly intellectual.

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