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The Soul and its Mechanism - Conclusion
We stand expectantly awaiting the dawn of that day when religion will stand upon a scientific basis and the truths to which the ages bear witness will be substantiated and proven, for, as Dr. Pupin further tells us:

"Yes, God's spiritual realities are invisible, but they are illustrated and made intelligible by the physical realities revealed in the physical things which are made. According to this interpretation of the Apostle's words the physical and the spiritual realities supplement each other. They are the two terminals of the same realities, one terminal residing in the human soul, and the other in the things of the external world. Here is one of the fundamental reasons why Science and Religion supplement each other. They are the two pillars of the portal through which the human soul enters the world where the divinity resides."
- Pupin, Michael, The New Reformation, p. 272.

Then there will emerge a new race, with new capacities, new ideals, new concepts about God and matter, about life and spirit. Through that race and through the humanity of the future there will be seen not only a mechanism and a structure, but a soul, an entity, who, using the mechanism, will [152] manifest its own nature, which is love, wisdom and intelligence.

Science has even recognized this ultimate possibility and noted that the trend of the evolutionary process is towards a more perfect adaptation between the form and the life. Everywhere throughout creation a purpose is working out, a will towards perfection is manifesting. That purpose and that will are controlled by love and wisdom and those two types of energy - the purpose of spirit and the attractive force of the soul - are intelligently applied to the perfecting of the matter aspect. Spirit, soul and body - a divine triplicity - manifest in the world and will carry all forward towards a consummation that is pictured for us in the Scriptures of the world in a wealth of imagery, of color and of form. Browning's vision of this truth and his expression of it will sum up for us the results of our study and will be a fitting close for this essay:

"- and God renews
His ancient rapture. Thus He dwells in all,
From life's minute beginnings, up at last
To man - the consummation of this scheme
Of being, the completion of this sphere
Of life; whose attributes had here and there
Been scattered o'er the visible world before,
Asking to be combined, dim fragments meant
To be united in some wondrous whole,
Imperfect qualities throughout creation,
Suggesting some one creature yet to make,
Some point where all these scattered rays should meet [153]
Convergent in the faculties of man...
When all the race is perfected alike
As man, that is; all tended to mankind,
And, man produced, all has its end thus far;
But in completed man begins anew
A tendency to God. Prognostics told
Man's near approach; so in man's self arise
August anticipations, symbols, types
Of a dim splendor ever on before
In that eternal circle life pursues.
For men begin to pass their nature's bound,
And find new hopes and cares which fast supplant
Their proper joys and griefs; they grow too great
For narrow creeds of right and wrong, which fade
Before the unmeasured thirst for good; while peace
Rises within them ever more and more.
Such men are even now upon the earth,
Serene amid the half-formed creatures round." [154]

- Browning, Robert, Paracelsus.

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