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The Soul and its Mechanism - Conclusion
It is claimed by the teachers of the Eastern science of the soul that the awakening of the various centers reveals states of subtler matter than the physical. It is mainly, however, with the centers above the diaphragm that the spiritual man concerns himself, conferring, as they do, such powers as spiritual perception, correct understanding and interpretation of one's fellowmen, so that, like Christ, we know what is in man, and can grasp why [139] a man is what he is, and acts as he does. The force of inspiration, the highest power of them all, works out as the inspiring of creative work through the medium of the throat center, and of humanitarian enterprises through the medium of the heart center.

The second effect claimed by this group is the transference of the force below the diaphragm to the centers above. Through evolution and the effect of meditation work a man is able to function consciously through his three major centers, (head, heart and throat) leaving the three lower centers, (the base of the spine, sacral center and solar plexus) to carry on their normal function of energizing the body automatically, so that the digestive apparatus and the reproductive system and certain aspects of the nervous mechanism can carry forward their work. According to this theory, the majority of people live "below the diaphragm" and the life force is centered in the purely animal and sensory life; the sex life and the emotional life are dominant, and all the force flowing into and through the sacral center and the solar plexus go to the stimulation of certain physiological and lower psychical processes. As man evolves, however, the direction of the force changes. We have seen that the force is dual, being partially life force and partially soul force, one expressing itself through the blood and the other through the nervous system. The life force aspect continues to carry forward its function of vitalizing and empowering all [140] the organs and structures of the body, but the soul force, hitherto relatively quiescent, begins to turn upwards. The soul force in the center at the base of the spine is carried to the head via the spinal canal, passing through each center in turn, gathering increasing soul energy at each point.

The psychological effects of this transfer of consciousness are interesting. When the soul is "enthroned" (as the scientific Oriental books put it) in the head, it attracts upward to itself, through the power of its magnetism, the force latent at the base of the spine. Thus is produced the complete blending of spiritual energy and the force in matter itself through the attractive energy of the soul. This is what is meant by the arousing of the Kundalini power and it should be done by the magnetism of the dominant soul, and not by meditation on any specific center or by conscious action on the force of matter.

The soul energy of the sacral center must be carried to the highest creative center, the throat. The emphasis will then be laid on creative work carried forward for the sake of the group and not on the active sex life of the man concerned.

The energy of the solar plexus center has, equally, to be transferred and carried to the heart, and the consciousness then is no longer self-centered and purely selfish, but the man becomes group-conscious and inclusive in his attitude to people and to life. He is no longer antagonistic and exclusive. He knows and understands. He pities, [141] loves and serves. There is a wide field for research once this relationship between center and center, and between center and glands, is grasped; the effects, physiological as well as psychical, will warrant close study.

It is interesting also to note another claim made by students of the Ageless Wisdom. When man has reached a fairly high state of evolution the throat center is functioning and he is beginning to take his place in the work of the world; he has a definite output in some field of world activity. His personality then may be regarded as organized, and he can be deemed to have reached his maturity. The psychologists tell us that the pituitary body is the seat of the emotional and mental characteristics. In one lobe the reasoning mind has its seat, whilst the other is responsible for the imaginative emotional faculties, and the power to visualize. In man, with creative power, and, therefore, with a developed personality, the two lobes of the pituitary body are equal to the demand, and from them can be deduced the status of the material aspect, the mechanism through which the soul moves and expresses itself. This gland is concerned with the center between the eyebrows. This center is negative to the center in the head which is responsive to the energy of the Soul. When through conformity to the outlined technique, the soul assumes control, energizes the head center and brings the pineal gland from an atrophied to a functioning condition as in the days of childhood, the positive aspect [142] begins to play its part. A relationship is set up between the negative center and its counterpart, the pituitary body, and the positive center and its counterpart, the pineal gland. As time proceeds, it is claimed, a magnetic field is set up, soul and body meet, the father and mother come into relationship and the soul is brought to the birth in the consciousness of man. This is the birth of the Christ in the House of God, and the coming into being of the true man; of this the sex organs and their reproductive activities on the physical plane are the outer concretized symbol. The perversions of sex magic so widely prevalent are a distortion of this true spiritual union or fusion between the two centers of energy in the head, which are, in their turn, figurative of the relation between soul and body. Sex magic relegates the process to the center below the diaphragm and to a relation between two persons on the physical plane. The true process is carried forward within a man's own nature, centered in the head and the relation is between the soul and the body, instead of between man and woman.

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