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The Soul and its Mechanism - Glands and Human Behavior
The consideration, therefore, of the ductless glands and of their effect not only on physical structure, but on conduct as well, is of vital importance. What then are the glands? And, especially, what are the ductless glands often mentioned? Dr. Cobb tells us:

"Glands may be divided into two main groups, those which are concerned with the drainage system - the lymphatic glands - and those which secrete products for use in the bodily work. The lymphatic glands do not concern us here. The second group, whose duty is to contribute fluids which, acting in concert with each other, control and regulate the bodily processes, consist of two subdivisions.

"The first of these contain glands with ducts, down which they discharge their contents. The second possess no ducts, and their secretions are absorbed directly into the blood stream. These are known as the ductless glands, or 'endocrine organs' and their products have been called internal secretions. The term 'endocrinology' has been applied to the study of the glands of internal secretion."
- Cobb, L G., M.D., The Glands of Destiny, p. 1.

The word "endocrine" it may be noted is from the Greek word "krinein," meaning "to separate."

Dr. Rubin says: [39] "These ductless glands or organs of secretion are often referred to as the 'endocrine glands.' Their secretions are absorbed directly into the blood, and into the streams of nutrient lymph - the body, it would appear, thereby dispensing its own drugs.

"These secretions contain the 'hormones' or chemical messengers of the organism which excite some of the most marvelous reactions known in physiology. In fact, it has been stated that hormones are to physiology what radium is to chemistry."
- Rubin, H. H., M.D., Your Mysterious Glands, pp. 8, 9.

This system of endocrine glands forms a unit functionally, working in the utmost cooperation and interdependence.

Dr. Berman tells us, "The body mind is a perfect corporation. Of this corporation the glands of internal secretion are the directors... Behind the body, and behind the mind is this board of governors."
- Berman, Louis, M.D., The Glands Regulating Personality, pp. 96,97.

All the glands, in fact, work in unison. They are known to correlate their activity, to balance each other, and through their united effect, it is claimed, to make a man what he is.

They form, in fact, a close interlocking system with functions and organisms clearly distinct from those of other systems within the mechanism of the human frame. The blood system and the nervous system pursue their own activities, but are closely linked to the endocrine system. The blood acts mysteriously as the carrier of the peculiar hormones of the different glands, and the nervous system [40] seems more specifically related to the psychical development incident to the normal, or abnormal, functioning of the endocrine glands.

From this discussion of the endocrine system we come naturally to the question: What, then, are the ductless glands, one by one?

Beginning with the head, and working downwards, there are seven glands of special importance to be listed. These are:

Name Location Secretion
Pineal gland Head Unknown
- anterior
- posterior
Thyroid Throat Thyroxin
Thymus Upper Chest Unknown
Pancreas Solar Plexus region Insulin
- cortex
- medulla
Behind the kidneys
Gonads Lower Abdomen Of the testes and ovaries
(Since this chapter was written, experiments with the ductless glands have continued. Details given here are not final or conclusive but the basic postulates of the Author remain untouched. F.B.)
Thus we have distributed over the head and torso a network of important glands, which, it is claimed, physiologically govern the structure, growth and chemical changes of the body, and, psychologically, are responsible for the emotional reactions and the thought processes of the human being. Hence, they would be the producers of his [41] qualities, good and bad, of his behavior and conduct of affairs, and of his very character.
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