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The Reappearance of the Christ - Chapter VII - Preparation for the Reappearance of the Christ
Religions in the past have been founded by a great soul, by an Avatar, and by an outstanding spiritual personality. The stamp of their lives and words and teaching has been set upon the race and has persisted for many centuries. What will be the effect of the message of a group Avatar or world Savior? What will be the potency of the work of a group of knowers of God, enunciating truth and banded together subjectively in the great work [183] of saving the world? What will be the effect of the mission of a group of world Saviors, all Knowers of God in some degree, who supplement each other's efforts, reinforce each other's message, and constitute an organism through which the spiritual energy and principle of spiritual life can make their presence felt in the world, under the direction of the Christ in Visible Presence?

Such a body now exists, with its members in every land. Relatively they are few and far between, but steadily their numbers are increasing, and increasingly their message will be felt. In them is vested a spirit of construction; they are the builders of the new age; to them is given the work of preserving the spirit of truth, and the reorganizing of the thoughts of men so that the racial mind is controlled and brought into that meditative and reflective condition which will permit it to recognize the next unfoldment of divinity, which Christ will inaugurate.

For the last ten years, this New Group of World Servers has been reorganized and revitalized; the knowledge of its existence is spreading all over the world. It is today a group of men and women of every nation and race and of all religious organizations and humanitarian movements who are fundamentally oriented towards the Kingdom of God or who are in process of thus orienting themselves. They are disciples of the Christ, working consciously and frequently unconsciously for His reappearance; they are spiritual aspirants, seeking to serve and make real the Kingdom of God on Earth; they are men of goodwill and intelligence who are trying to increase understanding and right human relations among men. This group is divided into two major divisions: -

  1. A group composed of the disciples of the Christ who are consciously working with His plans, and [184] of those who, instructed by them, are consciously and voluntarily cooperating. In this latter category we can find ourselves if we so desire, and if we are willing to make the necessary sacrifices.
  2. A group composed of aspirants and world conscious men and women, who are working unconsciously under the guidance of the spiritual Hierarchy. There are many such, particularly in high places today, who are fulfiling the part of destroyers of the old form or of builders of the new. They are not conscious of any inner synthetic plan, but are selflessly occupied in meeting world need as best they may, with playing parts of importance in national dramas, or with working persistently in the field of education.

The first group is in touch with the spiritual Hierarchy to some extent and to a large extent where true disciples are concerned; its members work under spiritual inspiration. The second group is in closer touch with the masses of men; it works more definitely under the inspiration of ideas. The first group is occupied with the Plan of the Christ as far as its members can grasp its essentiality, whilst the second group works with the new concepts and hopes which are emerging in the consciousness of mankind, as men begin subjectively and often unconsciously to respond to the preparations for the coming of the Christ. Steadily and as a result of the work of the New Group of World Servers, humanity is awakening to the possibilities ahead.

The awakening of the intelligentsia in all countries to the recognition of humanity is a prelude to the establishment of brotherhood. The unity of the human family is recognized by man, but before that unity can take [185] form in constructive measures, it is essential that more and more of the thinking men and women throughout the world should break down the mental barriers existing between races, nations and types; it is essential that the New Group of World Servers should itself repeat in the outer world that type of activity which the Hierarchy expressed when it developed and materialized the New Group of World Servers. Through the impression and expression of certain great ideas, men everywhere must be brought to the understanding of the fundamental ideals which will govern the new age. This is the major task of the New Group of World Servers.

As we study and learn to recognize the New Group of World Servers in all its branches and spheres of activity - scattered all over the world and embracing true and earnest workers and humanitarian people in every nation, every religion and every organization of humanitarian intent - we shall awaken to the realization that there is on Earth today a body of men and women whose numbers and range of activities are entirely adequate to bring about the changes which will enable the Christ to walk again amongst us. This will come about if they care enough, are ready enough to make the needed sacrifices and are willing to sink their national, religious and organizational differences in the carrying out of those forms of service which will reconstruct the world. They must educate the race of men in a few simple and basic essentials and familiarize humanity with the thought of the reappearance of the Christ and the externalization of the Kingdom of God. Their work will be largely to summarize and make effective the work of the two Sons of God: the Buddha and the Christ.

The success of the work of the New Group of World Servers is inevitable; they have made much headway [186] during the past ten years; the inner integration of that part of the group which works in close touch with Christ and the spiritual Hierarchy is such that the outer success is guaranteed. They provide a channel through which the light, love and power of the Kingdom of God can reach the more exoteric workers.

Therefore, let us realize that all spiritually inclined men and women, all who seek and work for the establishing of right human relations, all who practice goodwill and truly endeavor to love their fellowmen are an integral part of the New Group of World Servers and that their major task at this time is to prepare the way for the reappearance of the Christ.

Let me emphatically here state that the major method with which we can concern ourselves and the most potent instrument in the hands of the spiritual Hierarchy is the spreading of goodwill and its fusion into a united and working potency. I prefer that expression to the words "the organization of goodwill." Goodwill is today a dream, a theory, a negative force. It should be developed into a fact, a functioning ideal, and a positive energy. This is our work and again we are called to cooperate.

The task before the New Group of World Servers is great, but it is not an impossible task. It is engrossing, but as it constitutes an imposed life pattern, it can be worked out in every aspect of a man or woman's normal, daily life. Yet at the same time, we are called to abnormal living, and to the shouldering of a definite responsibility. [187]

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