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The Reappearance of the Christ - Chapter V - The Teachings of the Christ
Beyond the fact that there is such a law, we know little and those who know from experience the factual nature of this return reject earnestly the foolish and improbable details, given out as fact by the theosophical and occult bodies. The Law exists; of the details of its working we know as yet nothing. Only a few things can be said with accuracy about it and these few warrant no contradiction:
  1. The Law of Rebirth is a great natural law upon our planet.
  2. It is a process, instituted and carried forward under the Law of Evolution.
  3. It is closely related to and conditioned by the Law of Cause and Effect.
  4. It is a process of progressive development, enabling men to move forward from the grossest forms of unthinking materialism to a spiritual perfection and an intelligent perception which will enable a man to become a member of the Kingdom of God.
  5. It accounts for the differences among men and - in connection with the Law of Cause and Effect (called the Law of Karma in the East) - it accounts for differences in circumstances and attitudes to life.
  6. It is the expression of the will aspect of the soul and is not the result of any form decision; it is the soul in all forms which reincarnates, choosing and building suitable physical, emotional and [119] mental vehicles through which to learn the next needed lessons.
  7. The Law of Rebirth (as far as humanity is concerned) comes into activity upon the soul plane. Incarnation is motivated and directed from the soul level, upon the mental plane.
  8. Souls incarnate in groups, cyclically, under law and in order to achieve right relations with God and with their fellowmen.
  9. Progressive unfoldment, under the Law of Rebirth, is largely conditioned by the mental principle for "as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." These few brief words need most careful consideration.
  10. Under the Law of Rebirth, man slowly develops mind, then mind begins to control the feeling, emotional nature, and finally reveals the soul and its nature and environment to man.
  11. At that point in his development, the man begins to tread the Path of Return, and orients himself gradually (after many lives) to the Kingdom of God.
  12. When - through a developed mentality, wisdom, practical service and understanding - a man has learnt to ask nothing for the separated self, he then renounces desire for life in the three worlds and is freed from the Law of Rebirth.
  13. He is now group conscious, is aware of his soul group and of the soul in all forms and has attained - as Christ had requested - a stage of Christ-like perfection reaching unto the "Measure of the stature of the fullness of the Christ." (Eph., IV, 13.) [120]

Beyond this generalization, no intelligent person will attempt to go. 'When Christ reappears, our knowledge will become more true and realistic; we shall know that we are eternally related to the souls of all men, and that we have a definite relationship to those who reincarnate with us, who are learning with us the same lessons and who are experiencing and experimenting with us. This proven and accepted knowledge will regenerate the very sources of our human living. We shall know that all our difficulties and all our problems are caused by our failure to recognize this fundamental Law, with its responsibilities and obligations; we shall then gradually learn to govern our activities by its just and restraining power. The Law of Rebirth embodies the practical knowledge which men need today to conduct rightly and correctly their religious, political, economic, communal and private lives and thus establish right relations with the divine life in all forms.

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