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The Reappearance of the Christ - Chapter IV - The Work of the Christ Today and in the Future
In Palestine, His appearance was mainly prophetic and His work primarily that of laying the foundation for the activities which will follow His reappearance, plus the sowing of the seed, the harvest of which He will garner in the new age. The tragedy of His appearance two thousand years ago has colored the presentation of truth by the theologians and made them posit an unhappy story, producing a miserable and unhappy world. This tragedy was based on:
  1. His discovery that humanity was not ready for that which He came to give and that for centuries much experience, teaching, trial and testing would be needed before His real work could begin.
  2. His recognition that He Himself needed a deeper relation with that center which He always referred to as "the Father's House"; it was this realization which led to His comment that His disciples could and would do "greater things" than He had done and that He had to go to His Father.
  3. His arriving at the conclusion that He must have more trained and dedicated workers and agents [100] than at that time was possible, or has proved possible since. Hence the gathering out and the training of the New Group of World Servers. When there are enough of these servers and enlightened workers, He will come and nothing can arrest His approach.
  4. He discovered also that men were not then desperate enough to "take the Kingdom of Heaven by violence"; it is only in desperation and when completely at the end of his tether that the disciple finds his way into that Kingdom and is ready to relinquish the old ways. What is true of the individual must also be true, on a larger scale, of humanity.

It is to the whole world that Christ comes and not just to the Christian world. He comes to the East and to the West, and has foreseen this "time of the end," with its planetary catastrophes, phenomenal disasters, despair and invocation - arising from both the East and West. He knew that in the time of final crisis and tension, humanity itself would force His emergence. The New Testament story is true and correct; it is only the man-made interpretations which have misled humanity.

In the East there is an ancient legend which has an application today and which holds the clue to the relation of the Christ and of the Buddha; it concerns a service which, the legend says, the Buddha will render Christ. In symbolic form, the legend runs that when the Buddha reached enlightenment, and experience on Earth could teach Him no more, He looked ahead to the time when His Brother, the Christ, would be active in the Great Service - as it is called. In order, therefore, to aid the Christ, He left behind Him (for His use) what are mysteriously called "His vestures." He bequeathed and left [101] in some safe place the sumtotal of His emotional-intuitive nature, called by some the astral body and the sum total of His knowledge and His thought, called His mind or mental body. These, the legend says, will be assumed by the Coming One and prove of service, supplementing Christ's Own emotional and mental equipment and providing Him with what He needs as the Teacher of the East as well as of the West. He can then with strength and success contemplate His future work and choose His workers. There is something of this same idea latent in the injunction given in The New Testament, "Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ." (Phil., II, 5.)

Thus the Christ, with the fused energies of love and wisdom, with the aid of the Avatar of Synthesis and of the Buddha and under the influence of the Spirit of Peace and of Equilibrium, can implement and direct the energies which will produce the coming new civilization. He will see, demonstrating before His eyes the true resurrection - the emergence of mankind from the imprisoning cave of materialism. Thus He will "see of the travail of His soul and shall be satisfied." (Is. LIII, 11.) [102]

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