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The Reappearance of the Christ - Chapter IV - The Work of the Christ Today and in the Future
III. Christ as the Releaser of Energy

During the first three months of the period of crisis through which Christ and the Hierarchy passed and which [89] was ended by His announced decision, certain great Energies, or fundamental streams of force were made available to Christ and His disciples. Today, the fact that energy is the basic substance in the universe, that all forms of life are energy forms, living within greater energy forms, and that all such forms - great or small - use energy and act as distributors of energy is a well-known and generally accepted fact by thinking and intelligent people. Speech, the written word, and motivated activity are all expressions of energy, lead to the spread of energy and to activities which are all expressions of energy and the cause of energy distribution. Governments, churches, organizations and groups are all energy distributors, and also storehouses of energy. Humanity itself is a great center of energy, affecting all the subhuman kingdoms, and forming likewise within itself a great system of interrelated energies. The same thing is true of the individual who, by his acts and words, employs energy, produces effects which are energy effects and acts as a distributor of energy. Where the undeveloped individual is concerned, he realizes none of this and the energy which he manipulates is of relatively small importance. As evolution proceeds, and individual men and women achieve power and expression, their use of energy is frequently of major importance; they become dynamic centers of energy distribution and their words (spoken or written), plus their activities, produce wide effects and momentous results. The Hierarchy is a great energy center and, through the Christ, its energy reaches humanity; this is the significance of His words "I am come that they might have life." Life and energy are synonymous terms.

During the war (1914-1945), the Christ and the Hierarchy looked on at a dying world; men and forms were dying on every hand; old ideals, organizations and [90] groups were passing away and the specter of death stalked on every hand. Destruction characterized the phenomenal world, as well as the subtler worlds of feeling and of thought; life was withdrawn and death resulted. The problem of Christ and His disciples was to see that the old and the undesirable were not revivified. Their task was not the resuscitation of the dead and the useless; the directed inflow of life, carrying the capacity to build anew and the energy which could produce a new world and a new civilization - there lay Their opportunity and Their responsibility.

The reactionary forces of the world - political and religious - desired the resurrection of the old and dead forms; they threw their weight and their influence (which is only another name for energy) against all that was new. This, they are still doing. The progressive forces fight only for that which is new, and seek not the preservation of any of the old forms, even if they could serve a useful purpose. Their energetic denial of all that is of the past, and the destroying energy which they direct against anything which is of the old regime are likewise handicapping the efforts of the Hierarchy. In these progressive forces, hope does indeed lie, but they sadly lack skill in action and have too great a love for destruction. The New Group of World Servers holds steadily to the "Noble Middle Way" (as the Buddha called it) and seeks the decent burial of old forms, the implementation of that which is new and the restoration of that which has, in the past, proved useful and good and which could form the living germ of the new creation.

At the time of the Full Moon of April 1945, during the Easter season of that year and covering approximately a period of five weeks, the Forces of Restoration began their work, emerging first upon the subtler planes [91] of human experience. This type of energy is peculiarly creative in nature and carries the "life which produces the birth of forms." It poured into the Hierarchy, via certain of the Masters and Their groups of disciples, and was immediately transmitted by Them to humanity as a whole. This energy is a mass energy and is related to the stimulation of the mass intelligence; it is not the energy which we have earlier considered when dealing with the Christ consciousness in man. This is the energy which makes men think, plan and take action; it produces neither bad nor good results but simply brings about the awakening of men's minds so that they take intelligent action. That action is necessarily dependent upon the type of mind of the man who responds to the forces of restoration, conditioned by his point in evolution, his racial and national background, his tradition and his religious and civilized reactions. These forces are active now in every land, frequently producing increased initial difficulties but leading eventually to a definite reorganization of the national or planetary life. Their effects will be primarily physical; they will bring about a new world in which the evidences of war will have disappeared, the physical health of men and animals will be bettered, and cities and villages will be rebuilt. Their objective is the production of the new Earth and all the outer evidences of an inflowing new life.

Following this inflow, at the time of the Full Moon of the Buddha in May 1945, the forces of enlightenment became active, and light began to stream into the minds of men. These are, in reality, the energies which initiate the new world education. Those first to be affected by them are the great educational movements, the forums of the people in all lands and the values which are now unfolding through the radio and the moving picture industry; [92] others deeply affected are the press, the publishers of world literature, speakers, writers, radio commentators, newspaper men and social workers. These effects may not yet be apparent for little time has as yet elapsed, but all these movements and people are the recipients today of the energies of enlightenment if they are prompt to recognize new emerging ideas; they are the custodians of this energy and its distributing agents, channeling it and directing it so that the masses of the people everywhere come under its influence. Progressive and liberal churchmen in all the world religions are also responsive to this energy, but their usefulness is greatly handicapped, owing to the reactionary nature of the setting or field in which they have to work; they are confronted with a well-nigh impossible task.

These energies of enlightenment reach humanity, via the New Group of World Servers who are very susceptible to their impact, and who are in a position to distribute them, because they are to be found working in all the fields of activity mentioned above.

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