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Problems of Humanity - Chapter I - The Psychological Rehabilitation of the Nations
Humanity, as has been said before, is the world disciple; the impulse behind the disintegration of the old world forms is a spiritual one. The spiritual life of humanity is now so strong that it has disrupted all present forms of human expression. The world of the past has gone and gone forever, and the new world of forms has not yet made its appearance. Its construction will be distinctive of the emerging creative life of the spirit of man. The important factor to bear in mind is that it is one spirit and the nations have each to learn to recognize that spirit within themselves and within each other.

To sum up: the task of every nation is, therefore, a twofold one:

  1. To solve its own psychological internal problems. This it does by recognition of their existence; by the quelling of national pride and by taking those steps which would establish unity and beauty of rhythm in the life of its peoples.
  2. To foster the spirit of right relations. This is accomplished by the recognition of the one world of which it is a part. This later involves also the taking of those steps which would enable it to enrich the whole world with its own individual contribution.

These two activities - national and international - must proceed side by side with the emphasis upon the work of practical Christianity, and not by dominant theologies and subtly imposed Church controls.

From the angle of the spiritual Forces of Light, the immediate world process should include:

  1. The impending crisis of freedom. This involves free elections in all countries to determine the type of government, the national boundaries (where that [30] problem exists) and a plebiscite of the people to determine their nationalities and loyalties.
  2. The cleaning up process carried on in all the nations without any exception whatever so that a wholesome unity, based on freedom and demonstrating unity in diversity, can be brought about.
  3. A steadily pursued educational process by which all the peoples in the world can be grounded in the only ideology that will prove finally and generally effective - that of right human relations. Slowly but surely, this educational movement will inevitably produce right understanding and correct attitudes and activities in every community, in every church and nation, and ultimately in the international field. This will take time but it presents a challenge to all men of goodwill throughout the world.

The spiritual guides of the race can present this formula of progress. They cannot guarantee its enactment, for humanity is left free to decide its own problems. Certain questions, therefore, emerge immediately.

Will the great powers, Russia, the United States, and the British Commonwealth of Nations stand together for the total good of humanity, or will they each proceed upon their separate way towards their own selfish objectives?

Will the smaller powers as well as the great Powers be willing to relinquish some of their so-called sovereignty in the interests of the whole? Will they attempt to view the world situation from the angle of humanity, or will they only see their own individual good?

Will they omit the constant carping criticism which has distinguished the past and which breeds a growing hatred, and recognize that all nations are made up of human beings, at different stages of evolution, and conditioned by their background, race and environment? Will they be willing to leave each other free to shoulder [31] individual responsibility and yet be willing ever to assist each other as members of one family and as animated by one human spirit, the spirit of God?

Will they be willing to share the produce of the earth, knowing it belongs to all, freely distributing it as nature does? Or will they permit it to fall into the hands of a few powerful nations or a mere handful of powerful men and financial experts?

Such are only a few of the questions for which answers must be sought and found. The task looks hard indeed.

Yet there are enough spiritually minded people in the world today to change world attitudes and to bring in the new spiritually creative period. Will these men and women of vision and goodwill arise in their might in every nation and make their voices heard? Will they have the strength, the persistence and the courage to overcome defeatism, to break the chain of hampering theologies - political, social, economic and religious - and work for the good of all peoples? Will they overcome the forces arrayed against them through firm conviction of the stability and potentiality of the human spirit? Will they have faith in the intrinsic worth of humanity? Will they realize that the entire trend of the evolutionary process is sweeping them on to victory? The firm establishment of right human relations is already a determined part of divine purpose and nothing can arrest its eventual appearance. That appearance can, however, be hastened by right and selfless action. [32]

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