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Problems of Humanity - Chapter I - The Psychological Rehabilitation of the Nations

Of the faults of the German nation, there is little need to speak; they have been made painfully clear to the entire world. The Germany of the mystical poets and writers of the Middle Ages will again arise - the Germany of the musical festivals, the Germany which [18] has given the world the best of the music of all time, the Germany of Schiller and of Goethe and the Germany of the philosophers. The major fault of the German people is an extreme negativity which makes them the most easily "conditioned" people of all time, plus an ability to accept dictatorship and propaganda without any questioning or revolt and with a deep sense of inferiority. The German people are consequently easily exploited, easily convinced by those who can shout and threaten; they are easily regimented.

This negativity must be overcome and attention must be paid to the careful training of the individual to think and act for himself and to set great store by his own ideas, and all in a spirit of goodwill. This should be the keynote of all future education of the German people. Given that and given right idealistic propaganda, the German people can develop right habits of thought as easily as they have been led into evil ways and into separative thinking. The regimentation of the German people must not be stopped for a long time to come but its motivation must be completely altered. Their main psychological problem is to recognize their relation to all other peoples on equal terms. The major trouble facing the United Nations will be to find the strong and good leader who can enforce that regimentation in a spirit of understanding and goodwill until such time as it is no longer needed and German men and women can think for themselves, and not in response to the propaganda of a group or a military caste. The responsibility of the Allies is great. Will they take advantage of the responsiveness of the German people to propaganda and see that it is properly and spiritually exploited? Will they see that the educational institutions of that unhappy land are placed in the hands of those with a vision of the future, who have a firm determination to train the rising generation to know [19] themselves as men and not as supermen? Can they instill into the consciousness of the children of today and of those who will yet be born, the significance and the importance of right human relations? Can they then continue this educational process for a long enough time? Here lies the test of the true intentions of the United Nations. The spiritual potentialities of the German people must not be forgotten. We must look forward towards that which they can be trained to become. Practically speaking, they can more easily be changed under right methods of teaching and conditioning than any other nation in Europe. Germany still expresses the herd consciousness. This must be transmuted into group consciousness - the consciousness of the free individual who collaborates with other men of goodwill for the benefit of the whole.

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