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Initiation, Human and Solar - Chapter XIX - Rules for Applicants

Rule 7

Let the disciple turn his attention to the enunciating of those sounds which echo in the halls where walks the Master. Let him not sound the lesser notes which awaken vibration within the halls of Maya.

The disciple who seeks to enter within the Portals of Initiation cannot do so until he has learnt the power of speech and the power of silence. This has a deeper and a wider significance than perhaps is apparent, for it holds, if rightly interpreted, the key to manifestation, the clue to the great cycles, and the revelation of the purpose underlying pralaya. Until a man comprehends the significance of the spoken word, and until he utilizes the silence of the high places for the bringing about of desired effects on one plane or another, he cannot be admitted into those realms wherein every sound and every word spoken produces powerful results in matter of some kind, being energized by two predominant factors,

  1. powerful will, scientifically applied,
  2. right motive, purified in the fires.

An adept is a creator in mental matter, an originator of impulses on the mental plane, thereby producing results in astral or physical manifestation. These results are powerful and effective, and hence the necessity for their originator to be pure in thought, accurate in word, and skillful in [199] action. When these ideas are realized by applicants, the immediate consequence will be important changes in the life of every day. These changes might, for the sake of their practical use, be enumerated as follows:

  1. Motives will be closely searched, and a strict check will be kept upon originating impulses. Hence during the first year in which the applicant devotes himself to the work of preparation for initiation he will, three times a day, keep a written account of the investigations he pursues, which concern his motives, or the mainspring of action.
  2. Speech will be watched, and an endeavor will be made to eliminate all unkind, unnecessary and wasteful words. The effects of the spoken word will be studied, and be traced back to those originating impulses which, in every case, initiate action upon the physical plane.
  3. Silence will be cultivated, and applicants will be careful to preserve strict silence concerning themselves, their occult work or knowledge, the affairs of those associated with them, and the work of their occult group. Only in group circles or in connection with their superiors will a wise latitude in speech be permitted. There is a time to speak. That time comes when the group can be served by wise words, a careful intimation of conditions, good or bad, and a rare, but necessary word to some brother concerning the inner life, or to some superior or group of officials, in cases where a brother may be hindering a group through error of some kind, or might help the group if put to different work.
  4. The effect of the Sacred Word will be studied, and conditions for its use wisely arranged. The sounding [200] of the Word, and its effect upon a particular esoteric center (not in any case whatsoever a physical center) will be watched, and the life thereby influenced and regulated.

The whole question of the study of sound and of words, sacred or otherwise, has to be taken up by applicants for initiation. This is something which must be faced more strenuously by all eventuating occult groups.

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