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Initiation, Human and Solar - Chapter XIX - Rules for Applicants

Rule 3

Triple the call must be, and long it takes to sound it forth. Let the disciple sound the cry across the desert over the sea, and through the fires which separate him from the veiled and hidden door.

Under this symbology comes to the disciple the injunction to make the desert of the physical plane life to blossom like the rose, so that from the garden of the lower life may arise those sounds and scents, and a vibration strong enough to cross the intervening space between it and the portal; to still the restless waters of the emotional life, so that in their limpid, still expanse, that portal may be reflected, and the lower life mirror forth the spiritual life of the indwelling divinity; to pass through the fiery furnace those motives words, and thoughts which are the mainspring of activity and have their origin upon the mental plane. When these three aspects of the manifesting Ego, the God within, are brought under control, coordinated, and utilized, then, even unconsciously to himself, will the voice of the disciple be heard, demanding the opening of the door. When the lower life upon the physical plane is fertilized, the emotional stabilized, and the mental transmuted, then naught can prevent the latch upon that door being lifted, and the disciple passing through. Only synchronous vibration to that which lies the other side of the door produces its opening, an when the key of the disciple's life is attuning itself to that [195] of the hierarchical life, then, one by one, the door open, and nothing can keep them closed.

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