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Initiation, Human and Solar - Chapter IV - The Founding of the Hierarchy

Its Appearance on the Planet

It is not sought, in this book, to deal with the steps which led to the founding of the Hierarchy on the planet, nor to consider the conditions preceding the advent of those great Beings. This can be studied in other occult books in the occident, and in the sacred Scriptures of the East. Suffice it for our purpose to say that in the middle of the Lemurian epoch, approximately eighteen million years ago, occurred a great event which signified, among other things, the following developments: - The Planetary Logos of our earth scheme, one of the Seven Spirits before the throne, took physical incarnation, and, under the form of Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days, and the Lord of the World, came down to this dense physical planet and has remained with us ever since. Owing to the extreme purity of his nature, and the fact that he is (from the human standpoint) relatively sinless, and hence incapable of response taught on the dense physical plane, he was unable to take a dense physical body such as ours, and has to function in his etheric body. He is the greatest of all the Avatars, or Coming Ones, for he is a direct reflection of that great Entity who lives, and breathes, and functions through all the evolutions on this planet, holding all within his aura or magnetic sphere of influence. In him we live and move and have our being, and none of us can pass beyond the radius of his aura. He is the Great Sacrifice, who left the glory of the high places and for the sake of [29] the evolving sons of men took upon Himself a physical form and was made in the likeness of man. He is the Silent Watcher, as far as our immediate humanity is concerned, although literally the Planetary Logos Himself, on the higher plane of consciousness whereon he functions, is the true Silent Watcher where the planetary scheme is concerned. Perhaps it might be stated thus: - That the Lord of the World, the One Initiator, holds the same place in connection with the Planetary Logos as the physical manifestation of a Master holds to that Master's Monad on the monadic plane. In both cases the intermediate state of consciousness has been superseded, that of the Ego or higher self, and that which we see and know is the direct self-created manifestation of pure spirit itself. Hence the sacrifice. It must here be borne in mind that in the case of Sanat Kumara there is a tremendous difference in degree, for his point in evolution is as far in advance of that of an adept as that adept's is in advance of animal man. This will be somewhat elaborated in the next section of our subject.

With the Ancient of Days came a group of other highly evolved Entities, who represent his own individual karmic group and those Beings who are the outcome of the triple nature of the Planetary Logos. If one might so express it they embody the forces emanating from the head, heart, and throat centers, and they came in with Sanat Kumara to form focal points of planetary force for the helping of the great plan for the self-conscious unfoldment of all life. Their places have gradually been filled by the sons of men as they qualify, though this includes very few, until lately, from our immediate earth humanity. Those who are now the inner group around the Lord of the World have been primarily recruited from the ranks of those who were initiates on the moon chain (the cycle of evolution [30] preceding ours) or who have come in on certain streams of solar energy, astrologically determined, from other planetary schemes, yet those who have triumphed in our own humanity are rapidly increasing in number, and hold all the minor offices beneath the central esoteric group of Six, who, with the Lord of the World, form the heart of hierarchical effort.

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