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Esoteric Healing - Chapter IX - The Seven Modes of Healing
6. The sixth ray technique.

Cleaving the waters, let the power descend, the healer cries. He minds not how the waters may respond; they oft bring stormy waves and dire and dreadful happenings. The end is good. The trouble will be ended when the storm subsides and energy has fulfiled its charted destiny. Straight to the heart the power is forced to penetrate, and into every channel, nadi, nerve and spleen the power must seek a passage and a way and thus confront the enemy who has effected entrance and settled down to live. Ejection - ruthless, sudden and complete - is undertaken by the one who sees naught else but perfect functioning and brooks no interference. This perfect functioning opens thus the door to life eternal or to life on earth for yet a little while. [712]

This technique is curiously potent and sudden when the healer is on the sixth ray; the results are drastic and full of pain, but the results are sure - healing or death, and oft the latter. The sixth ray healer is seldom disciplined or wise at this time, owing to this being the end of the sixth ray cycle. When again the sixth ray comes into manifestation, humanity will have progressed far along the Path and the present aggressive, too sure, fanatical sixth ray healer will not reappear. Today they are the majority, and their work is not good; it is well-intentioned, but the technique is ignorantly applied and the end justifies not the assurance of the healer, leading to frequent deception of the patient.

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