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Esoteric Healing - Chapter VIII - The Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied

Recognize the call, emerging from the Ashram or from the Council Chamber where waits the Lord of Life Himself.

Here again we come up against the whole underlying, evolutionary theme of Invocation and Evocation. Here, it is the two higher centers of the divine Existence which are invoking ceaselessly the lower center; one of the factors governing the whole creative process is dependent upon the [688] skill of the Great Lives in evoking response from the human and subhuman kingdoms or grouped lives within the three worlds of form life. Men are so preoccupied with their own problems that they are apt to think that - in the long run - what happens is entirely due to their behavior, conduct, and invocative powers. There is, however, another side to the picture; this involves the skill in action, the understanding hearts and the clear unimpeded will of both the Hierarchy and Shamballa.

It will be apparent to you, therefore, how essential it is that all disciples and initiates should know exactly where they stand on the Path, the final aspect of the ladder of evolution; otherwise, they will misinterpret the call and fail to recognize the source of the outgoing sound. How easily this can happen becomes apparent to every advanced teacher of occultism and esotericism when he perceives how easily unimportant people and beginners interpret calls and messages they hear or receive as coming to them from some high and elevated source, whereas they are in all probability hearing that which emanates from their own subconscious, from their own souls, or from some teacher (not a Master) who is attempting to help them.

The call referred to here, however, comes from the highest possible sources and must not be confused with the little voices of little men.

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