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Esoteric Healing - Chapter VIII - The Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied
We might now take the sentences in this Rule and study their meaning, as there are more significances in them than appear upon the surface. The first sentence in each [648] paragraph of this Rule starts with an important injunction to the healer:

The healer must seek to link his soul, his heart, his brain and his hands. Thus can he pour the vital healing force upon the patient.

This is the technique of the lowest type of true spiritual healer, and for this reason two of the aspects of the dense physical body are included: the brain and the hands. The healer works, therefore, through a triangle and two lines of energy. The situation can be depicted in the following diagram:

Soul / Brain / Hands / Heart

The triangle is completed when the healing work is done and the energy is withdrawn from the hands to the brain again and from thence returned by an act of the will to the soul. When the healer (through practiced alignment) has linked up with his soul, he then draws the soul energy down into his heart center, from whence he transfers it to the brain, where it is definitely focused. Using the ajna center as a distributing center, he then uses his hands as the agency through which the directed energy can reach that area in the patient's body where the seat of the trouble is to be found. He passes the energy into the patient's approximate center which governs the distressed area, from which it [649] permeates the surrounding part of the body, penetrating both to the center of the trouble and to the limits of the distressed area.

There are two ways in which he uses his hands, and two methods which he employs:

  1. The laying on of hands. This method is employed when the diseased area is strictly localized. The hands are laid on the center in spine or head which may govern that area - the right hand being laid upon the spinal center and the left hand on the part of the body immediately in front of the special area and over the part of the abdomen, chest or head in which the patient complains of distress. They are held in this position as long as the healer can hold the triangle of soul, heart and brain clearly in consciousness.
  2. The use of the hands in action. Here the healer, having ascertained the difficulty and then located the needed center up the spine or in the head, creates a circulation of energy (through the action of his hands) through the center in the patient's body controlling the distressed area, and thence outwards through that area towards himself. He uses the right hand first, holding it momentarily over the diseased organ or area and slowly withdraws it towards himself; he follows this rapidly with the left hand which works in the same manner. Both hands, you will note, are now being used positively. No part or aspect of the healer's body or bodies is ever permitted to be negative, and the fiction that the right hand is positive and the left hand is negative will have to be discarded. If one hand was negative, the healer would be liable to absorb into himself those diseased atoms which, when successful, he draws out of the area of distress. These do not respond to the action of his [650] hands through the medium of the center in the patient's body nearest to the seat of trouble, but are drawn out through the area which has responded to the disease.

In the first case, through the laying on of hands, of silent hands, of quiet hands, the energy flow is between the two hands, back and forth within the diseased area; the spinal center is used all the time, and the activity set up, when successful, burns up and absorbs the forces causing the trouble without penetrating the body of the healer. In the second case, the forces are withdrawn by the action of the energy passing through the hands, applied one after the other in a regular time rhythm. They pass through the hands, but are unable to focus themselves there, owing to the concentration of the healing energies within the hands.

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