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Esoteric Healing - Chapter VIII - The Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied
The law and the rule now to be considered will carry us into realms of real abstraction; it will not be easy for you to understand much of what I may say. This Law VIII takes us back to the very source of all phenomena as far as the human being is concerned - the will of the immortal soul to incarnate on earth or to withdraw from incarnation. It involves also the consideration of the factor of the Will in producing disease as the direct means of bringing about that withdrawal. So little is as yet understood anent the Will that it is particularly hard to explain.

Disease and death are the result of two active forces. One is the will of the soul, which says to its instrument: "I draw the essence back." The other is the magnetic power of the planetary life, which says to the life within the atomic structure: "The hour of reabsorption has arrived. Return to me." Thus, under cyclic law, do all forms act.

Two aspects in the nature of the divine Will are called into play where disease and death are concerned: one is the will of the soul to bring an incarnation to an end; another is the will of the spirit of the earth (the basic elemental force) to draw back into itself the released and temporarily isolated substance of which the soul had availed itself during the cycle of incarnation.

The factor of time, the factor of the interplay between the point of will which is that of the soul, and the diffused ever present will of the elemental spirit of substance are involved, plus their cyclic relation. These we shall attempt to consider. [634]

What I have here to say is of major importance and will throw a new and strange light upon the entire subject of disease. I will deal, first of all, with the second half of the law, which refers to the "magnetic power of the planetary life," which says to the life within the atomic structure: "The hour of reabsorption has arrived. Return to me."

To understand the reference, I would remind you that a human being is a spiritual entity, occupying or informing (which is the occult word I prefer) a dense physical vehicle. This dense physical body is part of the general structure of the entire planet, composed of living atoms which are under the control of, and are part of the life of the planetary entity. This dense physical vehicle is released into a temporary and directed freedom by the will of the informing soul, but remains at the same time an intrinsic part of the sumtotal of all atomic substance. This physical vehicle - having its own life and having a measure of intelligence which we call its instinctual nature - is called by esotericists the physical elemental. During incarnated life, it is the coherent force or agency by means of which the physical body preserves its particular form, under the impact of etheric livingness; this affects all the living atoms and brings them into relation with each other. The physical body is the great symbol (within the one Life) of the many of which it is constituted; it is the demonstrated fact of innate coherency, of unity, of synthesis and of relationship. Physical or planetary prana (the lowest form of pranic energy) is the life of the sumtotal of the atoms (of which all outer forms are composed) as they are brought into relation to the separated atomic structure of the dense physical body of an individual informing soul in any kingdom of nature - particularly, from our point of study, the human kingdom.

What is true in this connection of the individual or of [635] man, the microcosm, is true also of the planet, which - like man - is a coherent whole. This wholeness is due to the relation of two aspects of life: the life of the planetary Logos and the life of the spirit of the earth, which is the life of the sumtotal of all the atoms which compose all forms. To this sumtotal of living substance, of elemental life, man's dense physical body conforms and is therefore the symbol. These two lives, functioning microcosmically and also macrocosmically, create that living pranic energy which circulates throughout the etheric bodies of all forms, which produces coherency or a synthetic holding-together and which can be discerned when the densest aspect of the etheric body is seen, creating thus the health aura in plants, trees, sea life, animals and man. Other energies and potencies circulate through and condition the etheric vehicle, but I refer here only to the lowest physical aspect. This is indicative of the life of the elemental of our planet, the spirit of the earth - a divine life, making its own progress upon the involutionary arc of manifestation.

This spirit of the earth preserves its hold upon the atomic structures of which all forms are made, including the physical body of man; it gathers them together again eventually and reabsorbs those elements of its life which were temporarily isolated from it during any incarnated experience of any soul in any of the kingdoms in nature. These atoms, it must be noted, are imbued or conditioned by two factors for which the spirit of the earth is solely responsible:

  1. The factor of the Karma of the life of the elemental of the planet. This is an involutionary, precipitating karma, entirely different to that of the planetary Logos, Who is a spiritual Life upon the evolutionary arc. This involutionary karma, therefore, conditions the life [636] experience from the purely physical angle of all forms composed of atomic substance.
  2. The factor of limitation. Apart from the karma, resulting in physical events, affecting all physical forms composed of this elemental essence, the physical vehicles of all lives in all the kingdoms of nature are also conditioned by the point in time of the cyclic influence of the planetary spirit and by its point in evolution. This involutionary spirit has not yet attained a point of perfection, but is progressing towards a specific goal which will be attained when the evolutionary arc of experience is reached. This lies very far ahead. Our planetary Logos, that great divine Life in Whom we live and move and have our being, is one of the "imperfect Gods" as yet, from the point of view of the goal set before all planetary Logoi. His body of expression, our planet, the Earth, is not yet a sacred planet. The spirit of the earth is yet very far from even the relative perfection of which a conscious human being is aware.
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