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Esoteric Healing - Chapter VIII - The Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied
I am anxious for this subject of the glands and their relation to the centers to be correctly understood. The entire subject is closely related to the art of healing; one of the effects of the application of the healing energy (through the medium of any center conditioning the area wherein the point of friction is located) is the stimulation of the related gland and its increased activity. The glands are intermediaries, in the last analysis, between the healer and the patient, between the center and the dense physical body, and between the etheric body and its automaton, the receiving dense physical vehicle.

In continuing our consideration of the immediate transmitting agency of the centers into the blood stream (the endocrine glands) I would like to point out that the centers work through this endocrine system through direct impact, through a ray or stream of energy, emanating from the central point within the center. Through this medium they condition and control entire areas of the body and they do this through those aspects of the centers which we symbolically call the "petals of the lotus." In a point at the very center of the lotus the life force is focused, and as [619] it passes outward into the related gland, it takes on the quality of the energy for which the center is responsible, because life force is essentially unqualified. The ray of life, if one may call it so, which is found at the heart of each center, is identified monadically with its source, and possesses (when brought in contact with its petals) one major innate quality of attractive energy; all energy emanating from the one source in this solar system, is related to the energy which we call Love, and this energy is magnetic attraction. The petals of the lotus, and the area of surrounding energy which constitutes the form of the lotus, are qualified by one of the seven subsidiary types of energy; these emanate from the seven Rays which emerge out of the one Source, as Representatives of the manifold Creator.

Within the solar system, as you know, are to be found the seven sacred planets, which are the custodians or the expression of these seven rays, of these seven qualities of divinity; within our planet, the Earth (which is not a sacred planet), there are likewise seven centers which become, as evolution proceeds, the recipients of the seven ray qualities from the seven sacred planets, thus providing (within the solar ring-pass-not) a vast interlocking system of energies. Three of these centers, representing the three major rays, are well known to you:

1. Shamballa

  • The ray of power or purpose
  • The first aspect
  • The energy of will.

2. The Hierarchy

  • The ray of love-wisdom
  • The second aspect
  • The energy of love.

3. Humanity

  • The ray of active intelligence
  • The third aspect
  • The energy of mind or thought. [620]

There are four other centers, and these, with the above three, constitute the seven centers, or the seven planetary focal points of energy, which condition the bodily manifestation of our planetary Logos. Through them the Lord of the World, working from His Own level on a cosmic plane and through His divine Personality, Sanat Kumara, carries out His purposes upon our planet.

Similarly, within the microcosm, man, the correspondences to these seven centers are to be found. Therein likewise are seven major centers, and they are the recipients of the energy emanating from the seven planetary centers, the custodians of the seven aspects of ray force; these seven energies - at various stages of potency - condition the man's expression in the three worlds, make him what he is at any given moment whilst in incarnation, and indicate (by their effect or lack of effect upon the centers) his point in evolution.

Two of these centers in the human being are to be found in the head, and the other five are to be found up the spinal column. This spinal column is the physical symbol of that essential alignment which is the immediate goal of directed relationships, carried forward in consciousness by the spiritual man and brought about as a result of right meditation.

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