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Esoteric Healing - Chapter VIII - The Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied
An interplay is now established between the healer and the patient and upon etheric levels. The energy of their two synchronized centers is now en rapport, and the healer has at this point to determine whether the treatment requires an expulsive technique or a stimulating one. He has therefore to ascertain whether the patient's center is over-stimulated and if some of the surplus energy should consequently be driven out or abstracted, or whether there is a condition of devitalization and the energy of the center involved requires a deliberate augmenting.

There is, however, a third possibility mentioned here which is slower, but in practically every case is more desirable; it is the attainment of that balance of energies (between the healer and the patient) which will hold the energy in the area of the point of friction and permit nature itself to bring about an unassisted cure. This is possible only when the rapport between the patient and the healer is complete. Then the sole task of the healer is to hold the situation steady, give the patient confidence in the powers inherent within him, and encourage a period of patient waiting. The cure then is more lasting, and there is no sense or period of psychic shock, which can be the case if sudden stimulation or drastic expulsion is employed.

We have noted here, as you see, three modes whereby the healer employs the force focused, by direction, in his centers:

  1. For the expulsion of surplus energy in an over-stimulated center. [606]
  2. For definite processes of stimulation of the patient's centers.
  3. To preserve a state of equilibrium wherein natural healing can take place.

In the first case, the healer deliberately increases the potency of the energy stored in his center, so that it becomes exceedingly magnetic and abstracts the over-supply of energy in the patient's center; in the second case, the healer sends a powerful ray of his own energy into the corresponding center in the patient's body. This is an act of radiation and is very effective; in the third case, an interplay is set up which preserves balance, and furthers steady and normal activity in the center controlling the area of trouble.

You will note also how all these processes (and they are relatively simple when grasped) are dependent upon the decision of the healer. It is here that mistakes can be made, and the man who is seeking to work along the lines I indicate would be well-advised to move slowly and with due caution even at the expense of being ineffectual and unsuccessful. It is better to have no effect upon the patient and his condition than by the potency of one's unwise decision, the power of one's thought and the focus of one's direction, to hasten the patient's death by the sudden abstraction of needed energy or by the stimulation of a center already over-stimulated and over-active.

In the last analysis the aim in the three modes of aiding the patient by direct work with the centers involved, is to bring about a balanced and wholesome activity. This is more easily achieved in the case of an advanced person than in the case of the individual in whom the center is normally inactive and unawakened and where the difficulty is more apt to be due to the action of some of the twenty-one minor centers situated in the body than to that of the seven major [607] centers. In these cases, the patient can far more easily be helped by orthodox medicine and surgery than by any processes of spiritual healing. It is for this reason that the spiritual healer is only now becoming important and his work in any way possible. This is owing to the rapid spiritual development of humanity, which enables men, for the first time and on any substantial scale, to take advantage of these laws and rules.

In the last sentence in Rule Three, the meaning of the two and the one is that the combined energy within the healer - soul energy focused in the head center and the energy of the "needed center," plus the energy of the center which controls the point of friction in the patient's body - is responsible for the healing, providing it is the destiny of the patient to be healed.

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