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Esoteric Healing - Chapter VIII - The Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied
We come now to a very ambiguous statement and one that is purposely meant to be so:
  1. The conflict of the first and second persists for ages until the mountain top is reached - the first great mountain top.

This refers vaguely (and again purposely so) to the conflict between the energies above the diaphragm - which normally come from the soul on its own plane - and the forces below the diaphragm. This is a major and persistent conflict; it begins when the solar plexus center becomes dominant and powerful, producing crises as in Atlantean days. As the mass of men are still Atlantean in consciousness, being swayed mainly by their emotional natures, these crises arise today. Eventually, and metaphysically speaking, the solar plexus center begins to have a radiatory effect in response to the magnetic "call" of the heart center. When the first initiation is taken the first great interplay is set up between the two and the first coordinated activity is established. "That which is above is now related to that which is below, but that which is below loses its identity in that which is above," as the Old Commentary expresses it. The [595] mother is lost to sight because the Christ-Child assumed the place of interest. The soul is taking control and leading the aspirant from mountain top to mountain top.

At the first initiation, and increasingly at all initiations, energy is brought into a major conflict with the forces; soul energy sweeps into the etheric body and all the centers become "fighting areas," with one center being emphasized more than the others. The nature of the battle is no longer that "twixt the forces and each other," but is now between the energies and the forces, and it is this which creates the acuteness of the tests for initiation; it is this which produces so many physical ills among those who have taken or are preparing to take the first and second initiations. And it accounts for the diseases of the saints!

A great science of the centers will some day emerge, and this will clarify the entire complex problem; the time, however, is not yet. At present, if this science were taught openly, the result would be that the thoughts of men would be turned to the fact of the centers and to the areas which they control, and not to the energies which pour through them. There would be an unwholesome and undesirable stimulation or devitalization of the substance of the centers, with consequent acute disease. The law forever holds good that "energy follows thought," and that energy can be either radiatory or magnetic, but must not be statically contained within a center. The true science of the centers will only be permitted free circulation when - and only when - men know the rudiments at least of thought direction and the control of energy impacts.

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