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Esoteric Healing - Chapter VIII - The Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied
Today we deal with a law which (if properly understood) proves how inadequate is the approach of the modern metaphysician to this subject and - though it puts our instructions on healing on a sound basis - it postpones the era of truly occult healing quite definitely to a more distant time. This third law runs as follows:

Disease is an effect of the basic centralization of a man's life energy. From the plane whereon those energies are focused proceed those determining conditions which produce ill health. These, therefore, work out as disease or as freedom from disease.

This law indicates that one of the primary determinations at which the healer must arrive is that of the level of consciousness from which the predominating energy in the etheric body emanates. I would remind you here that in The Secret Doctrine, H.P.B. states that a plane and a state of consciousness are synonymous terms, and entirely interchangeable; in all my writing I seek to emphasize not [559] the level of matter or substance (a plane, as it is called), but the consciousness which expresses itself in that environing area of conscious substance.

We are assured in this ancient law that disease is an effect of the basic centralization of a man's life energy. This life energy is not the same as the energy or force of consciousness, but consciousness is ever the directing factor in every expression of the indwelling life, for there is basically only one major energy - life energy. Where the consciousness of the man is focused, there the life energy will gather its forces. If the consciousness is focused on the mental plane or upon the astral plane, the life energy will not be so strongly focused and anchored in the heart center (the center where the life principle is found), but only a part of its vital energy will find its way into the physical body, via the etheric vehicle. The greater part will be retained (to use an inadequate word) upon the plane where the consciousness is predominantly functioning or - to word it otherwise - it will be conditioned in expression by the state of consciousness, corresponding to that level of awareness or place of contact with the divine Whole or the divine Consciousness which the point in evolution of the man makes possible.

The task of the healer is therefore to find out where this focus of consciousness is to be found; this brings us back to a point I made anent the patient being essentially either a mental or an emotional type, and very, very rarely indeed purely physical in his consciousness. Where the consciousness is stabilized in that of the soul, there will be little disease present and the physical difficulties of the highly developed patient will then be associated with the impact of the soul energy upon an unready physical vehicle; at that stage only certain of the major diseases will affect him. He will not be susceptible to the little complaints and the [560] constant small infections which render the life of the average man or of the undeveloped man so trying and difficult. He may suffer from heart trouble, from nervous diseases, and from complaints affecting the upper part of the body and those areas which are controlled by the centers above the diaphragm; however, the difficulties brought about through the minor etheric centers (of which there are many), or by the centers below the diaphragm, will not usually be present - unless (as can be the case in a very advanced disciple) he is deliberately taking on conditions engendered by his world service for men.

As the majority of human beings are at this time centralized on the astral plane (or in the astral body), a clue to one of the greatest sources of disease immediately becomes apparent. When the consciousness of the race shifts on to the mental plane - and this is slowly taking place - then the more widely known and prevalent diseases will die out and only the diseases of mental types or the diseases of disciples will remain to disturb the peace of individual man. With these I have dealt in an earlier volume of this treatise. (A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. II, Page 520-625.)

Mental Science is right in its recognition that it is the emotions of men (as expressed in that feeble imitation of reality which they call thought) which are responsible for much disease. They are right in their effort to make the patient change his emotional attitudes and to react to life and circumstances and people along a different line. But they are hopelessly wrong in believing that that is sufficient; in their ignoring of all scientific procedures connected with the etheric body, they have nothing which relates the emotional nature to the physical vehicle, and therefore there is a gap in their reasoning and a consequent fault in their [561] technique. This renders their activities futile, except from the character angle. When they do bring about a healing, it is because in any case the patient was predestined to recover, but they have served a useful purpose in correcting a character condition in which he was in constant danger of disease. They have not wrought a cure, and in claiming it both the healer and the patient are deceived. All deception is dangerous and hindering.

It might be of service here if I indicate along broad and general lines some of the types of disease which a centralization of the life force upon the astral plane, for instance, could produce. I shall but list them; I will not deal with them in any detail for until the modern healer recognizes the fact of the etheric body, and works scientifically and intelligently with it and its controlling centers of force, anything I could say of procedure would be futile. I am endeavoring at this time to promote certain basic acceptances - such as the fact of the existence of the etheric body.

  1. Constant introspection, all forms of morbid suppression and a too drastically enforced silence where fundamental emotions are concerned can lead to serious liver trouble, to constant gastric difficulties and to cancer.
  2. Where hatreds and deep dislike are present in the consciousness, or where the man lives in a constant state of irritation against a person or a group, or again where the sense of being abused is present, there is a real possibility that the blood stream will be affected; the man then will be susceptible to constant infections, to boils, to running sores and to the various blood conditions which are definitely septic in nature.
  3. An irritable nature and one which is always in a state of fussiness, of bad temper, one which reacts furiously when things do not go as desired, may lead to [562] disastrous explosions which can be diagnosed as brain difficulties and temporary insanities; they may lead to constant headaches which undermine the constitution and bring about an inevitably debilitated condition.
  4. A frustrated sex life or a state wherein an unmarried person has had no normal expression of a natural and universal process, and to whom therefore sex remains a mystery (and at the same time a constant inner unrecorded subject of thought) will lead:
    1. To a condition of great devitalization with a consequent and unavoidable ill health which attends that type of person - the so-called obvious old maid or bachelor. Needless to remark, there are many such unmarried people who face life wholesomely and do not come under this category.
    2. To a constant effort to attract the attention of the opposite sex until it reaches a point where it becomes a nervous and most unwholesome tendency.
    3. To the development of homosexual habits or to those perversions which warp the life of many intelligent people.
    4. To the tumors - malignant or otherwise - which attack the organs of generation and which frequently make the subject an operative case.

There are other possible developments but upon them I do not propose to dwell. I have here indicated enough to show the danger of a sense of frustration and a morbid (even if at the time an unrecognized) interest in sex. This can evidence itself also in a dream life which links the brain, the mind and the organs of generation closely together and proves the fact of astral desire evoking the physical appetite; this demonstrates my contention that the physical body automatically [563] responds - even when unconscious in the hours of sleep - to astral control. The cure, as you of course know, is a full creative outer life, particularly one which is of benefit to one's fellowmen and is not simply a transmutation of the sex urge into some form of creative thinking which simply remains thinking, but takes no shape or form on the outer plane of human life.

  1. Self-pity, so prevalent a trouble, leads to acute indigestion, to intestinal trouble, to catarrh and head colds in the average person, whilst in the more advanced man it leads to chronic bronchial difficulties, gastric ulcers and unhealthy conditions connected with the teeth and the ears.

I could go on enumerating other emotional conditions which produce disease in the person where these conditions are present, but this will suffice to give the experimenting healer a clue to certain possibilities which are responsible for the physical difficulties with which he is called upon to deal. He will have also (as I have pointed out elsewhere) to bear in mind conditions which have been inherited from previous incarnations or developed as a result of environing group, national or planetary karma.

There is no rule connected with this law because we are still dealing with the definition of causes producing the objective disease; these have to be grasped and accepted as working theories before the healer can efficiently deal with the situation.

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