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Esoteric Healing - Chapter VIII - The Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied
Application of the Laws and Rules

In the last few pages I greatly clarified the issue by indicating - even at the risk of somewhat discouraging you - certain of the essential requirements of the healer in the New Age, and also certain of the contacts which he will have to make with facility and promptness when attempting to heal. I likewise defined for you the nature of Law. This was preliminary to a consideration of the Laws to which the healer must conform and the Rules which he will automatically and intuitively obey. We might consider these Laws and Rules in relation to the healer and also in relation to each other, for several of the Rules are closely related to a Law which controls the healer.

From the definition of law, as given above, it will be apparent to you that in the last analysis disease, death, untruth, falsity and despair are inherent in the planet itself, because our planetary Logos (as I earlier stated when aiding H.P.B. in writing The Secret Doctrine) is an "imperfect God." After the present great world crisis, incident to our planetary Logos having moved forward upon the cosmic Path, and therefore having taken a cosmic initiation, His imperfections are demonstrably lessened; there will be less distress and disease on earth once the necessary planetary [537] adjustments have been made. This you yourselves will not see take place, for adjustments on such a large scale take centuries to effect. What I have, therefore, to say upon the future healing of disease will not be of practical value for a long time to come, but the theory and the indications of possibility must be considered and discussed. Also, for a long time, medical practice and surgical knowledge will play their useful parts in preventive medicine, alleviative practices and curative processes. To these increasingly will be added many psychological methods of healing, and these will go hand in hand with the two above; to these again the services of the spiritual healers will be added. In this way, a rounded-out approach to the whole man will be steadily developed, and the need for this is today recognized by forward thinking physicians everywhere. Thus, and also through the method of trial and error, much will be learnt.

The healing processes I outline and indicate through these Laws and Rules are basically new. They are not based on affirmations, as in Christian Science and other mental healing cults; they are not posited on affirmed origins and on claiming results which will only be possible when the race has reached a far higher standard of perfection than is at present seen or that is immediately capable of development. As I have several times said in this treatise, there is nothing fundamentally wrong in the claims made by these groups and organizations anent the man who has arrived at soul expression and at realization of the Christ consciousness. What is wrong is the claim that the ordinary man (obviously not at this advanced point in evolution) can perform these miracles of healing either in himself or for others. Very few people have as yet reached this point, and the healer in these cults and organizations who has done so is a rarity indeed. The healer in the New Age will recognize limitation and conditioning circumstances, plus destiny. This predisposes the [538] development within him of knowledge-giving powers. He is also spiritually aware that the healing of the physical body is not always the highest spiritual good; the over-estimation and serious, anxious care of the form life, of the physical vehicle, is not of major importance.

The healer in the New Age does not and will not work directly with the physical body at all; being an occultist, he will regard that body as not a principle. He works practically entirely with the etheric body and with the vital energies, leaving those energies to make their impact on the automaton of the physical body according to directed intent; they will then produce their effect according to the response of that body, conditioned as it will be by many factors. These energies, directed via the etheric body of the patient, or emanating from that body, may bring about a cure if the destiny of the patient permits, or they may so stimulate the area of the disease that the disease will be brought to a crisis and the patient will die. This often happens under the ministrations of cultist healers who are ignorant of the laws of healing and who base their activities on a realization of a present (though usually unexpressed) divinity.

A much higher measure of spiritual perception and of mental understanding is required before the system I propose becomes effective. All that I give in my writings is largely of a pioneer nature, and this should be remembered.

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