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Esoteric Healing - Chapter VII - The Fundamental Laws of Healing
Part Three

The Fundamental Laws of Healing

We have now completed two sections of our consideration of the art of healing. We have dealt somewhat cursorily with the causes of disease and have noted that they emanate as a whole from three main sources: the psychological state of the patient, his karmic liabilities, and those which are incurred through his group relationship, environal, national or planetary. I then dealt with certain basic requirements of conditions and attitudes which must be established between the healer and the patient, and finally I took up the subject of death. I considered it as it affected the three transitory vehicles, emphasizing its divine nature and its constructive purpose. We now reach the section in which the Laws of Healing and the Rules which should condition the healing process must be briefly considered.

We have found that there are ten laws and six rules. The tenth law will be found too abstruse for much elucidation; it concerns the life principle, of which we as yet know nothing, and is involved with monadic purpose. All occult teaching, which emanates directly from the Hierarchy, contains within it the living seed of that which will follow later. In The Secret Doctrine, for instance, H.P.B. (under my instruction) made occasional reference, very briefly and obscurely, to the antahkarana; she thus left the seed which, [522] when full grown, will indicate the requirements for those who - having achieved the higher initiations - can enter upon the Way of the Higher Evolution. In this tenth law, therefore, I embody also the seed for a much later approach to the problems of Life and Death.

I would here remind you that a law is in reality the effect of the life of a greater entity as it encloses a lesser within its living processes. It embodies that formulated purpose or organized will of an enfolding life, against which the expressed purpose or determined will of that which is enfolded is entirely helpless. You might argue, brother of mine, that this statement negates the free will of the individual unit thus enclosed or enfolded. It assuredly does militate against the form aspect of manifestation - that aspect, for instance, of which a human being is pre-eminently conscious. Therefore, this relationship of the higher or greater and the lower or lesser, will equally and assuredly dominate and eventually render futile the lesser laws of the form nature, those which today are called the laws of nature.

Equally essentially, however, the soul within all forms is at war with those forms, and in its own integral life is conditioned by the higher laws which are the laws of its own being; these it freely obeys and follows, having no slightest wish to do otherwise. There is, therefore, no essential infringement of the free will of the subject; there is only resistance from that which we call the "not-self" or the material aspect. This might be called the basic cause of all disease.

What we call the Laws of Nature were the highest phase of the divine life possible in the first solar system. They are primarily the laws inherent in the life aspect of the form, and have in them, therefore, the seeds of death. The Laws of the Soul, as they subordinate and render negative the Laws of Nature, are the highest laws to which humanity [523] (the highest kingdom in nature at present) can respond, and these - when fulfiled - will conclude the purpose of the second solar system. The Laws of Life itself will finally supersede the Laws of the Soul and will completely offset and negate the Laws of Nature; these laws will be distinctive of the third solar system - the last personality expression of the solar Logos through the medium of the seven planetary Logoi with their varying forms and soul expressions.

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