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Esoteric Healing - Chapter VII - The Processes of Integration
The Significance of Integration

The emphasis laid by most teachers and aspirants is upon the integration of the personality and its correct orientation towards the world of spiritual values. It should be remembered that this is an earlier stage and rightly so. The integration of the mind, the emotional nature and the brain is the major characteristic of all advanced human beings - the bad, the very bad, the good and the very good. It is, however, no sign of spiritual life, and is frequently quite the reverse. A "Hitler" or an ambitious person with a deeply selfish or cruelly directed life is a personality, with all the powers of his mind dedicated to evil purposes, with the emotional nature so constituted that it presents no obstacle to the furthering of these selfish intentions, and with a high-powered brain receptive to the plans and methods of the two vehicles, carrying out the behests of the personality.

I would point out that the majority of people are not personalities, no matter how glibly they may talk about their personalities. For example, the initial objective before the mass of aspirants and students is, first of all, to integrate the lower threefold man, so that they may become functioning personalities, prior to becoming functioning souls; the work is dedicated to the purpose of producing a conscious personality focus, whilst avoiding that cycle of incarnations wherein the personality is dedicated to lower and selfish ends. Students who are more advanced are dedicated to the purpose of producing a still higher integration of soul and [509] personality, leading to that final integration which brings in the highest aspect of all, that of monadic life.

There are in the world today many truly integrated personalities. These, because soul and personality are integrated, can tread the Path of Accepted Discipleship. This is a most hopeful development, if you could but realize its implications and significance, and the question arises as to how the others who are as yet only in the process of reorientation can develop an adequate personality integration. This they will never do if they over-estimate themselves or depreciate themselves. Many are apt to regard themselves as personalities because of their natural self-will, or because they are occult students. They forget that an occult student is one who is in search of that which is hidden - in their case of that hidden, integrating thread which will enable them to blend the three bodies and thus truly merit the name of personality. Some of them cannot become personalities during this life, but they can develop the mental concept of its possibility and its nature; they need to remember that "as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." It is not waste of time, but a very necessary process and one through which every Member of the Hierarchy has passed.

Study and meditation combined are the factors which all aspirants should employ if they seek to produce this needed integration and a consequent life of service. Thus the aspirant can test out both his point of integration and the extent of the serving quality produced by this integration. If aspirants would study their physical plane life with care, they would discover that they are either working automatically in response to physical plane conventional ideas of goodwill or of being kind, or they are working emotionally because they like to help, they like to be liked, they like to relieve suffering (owing to their hatred of the discomfort which suffering brings to them), they believe in following [510] the steps of the Christ Who went about doing good, or because of a natural, deep seated life tendency. This is a hopeful and finalizing unfoldment.

Aspirants will eventually find out (when the physical and emotional phases of the integration are over) that there follows a phase of intelligent service, motivated in the first instance by mercy, then by conviction of its essentiality, then by a stage of definitely spiritual ambition, then by a submissive following of the example of the Hierarchy, and finally by the activity of the quality of pure love; this pure love increasingly expresses itself as the higher integration of soul and personality proceeds. All these phases of intention and of techniques are right in their own place, just as long as they have teaching value, and whilst the higher next phases remain vague and nebulous. They become wrong when they are perpetuated and carried on when the next stage is clearly seen but not followed. Ponder on this. It is of value to you to realize the true significance of these varying phases of integration, carried forward - as they are - under evolutionary law.

All these steps upon the way of integration lead to that culminating stage wherein the personality - rich in experience, powerful in expression, reoriented and dedicated - becomes simply the mediator of soul life between the Hierarchy and Humanity. Again - ponder on this.

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