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Esoteric Healing - Chapter V - The Process of Restitution
You will note that I am here dealing with the theme of death as it makes its presence felt through disease or through old age. I am not referring to death as it comes through war or accident, through murder or through suicide. These causes of death, and other causes, come under a totally different directive process; they may not even involve the karma of a man or his individual destiny, as in the case of war. Then vast numbers of people are killed. This has nothing to do with the Law of Cause and Effect as a factor in the soul career of any individual. It is not an act of restitution, planned by a particular soul as it works out its individual destiny. Death, through the destructive processes of war, is under the directive and cyclic intention of the planetary Logos, working through the Council Chamber at Shamballa. The Beings Who there direct world processes [432] know that a time has come when the relation between planetary evil and the Forces of Light or of Good have reached a point of "explosive antagonism" (as it is called). This must be given free rein if the divine purpose is to work out unarrested. The explosion is therefore permitted; nevertheless, all the time a controlling factor is present, even though unrealized by man. Because these Beings (Who work out the will of God) are in no way identified with form life, they have consequently a just appreciation of the relative importance of life in form; the destruction of forms is, to Them, not death in the sense that we understand it, but simply and solely a process of liberation. It is the limited vision of those identified with form which has so consistently nurtured the fear of death. The cycle in which we now live has seen the greatest destruction of human forms in the entire history of our planet. There has been no destruction of human beings. I would have you note this statement. Because of this wholesale destruction, humanity has made a very rapid advance towards a more serene attitude in connection with death. This is not yet apparent but - in a few years' time - the new attitude will begin to be marked and the fear of death will begin to die out in the world. This will also be largely due to the increased sensitivity of the human response apparatus, leading to a turning inward or to a new orientation of the human mind, with unpredictable results.

The basis of all wars is fundamentally the sense of separateness. This fundamental individualism or pleased recognition of isolationism leads to all the secondary causes of war: greed, producing economic disaster; hatred, producing national and international friction; cruelty, producing pain and death. The roots of death are therefore deep seated; it is the destruction of the cycle of separateness as an individual upon the physical plane which we call death [433] in the usual sense; consequently death is a process of at-one-ment. Could you but see a little further into the matter, you would learn that death releases the individualized life into a less cramped and confined existence, and eventually - when the death process has been applied to all the three vehicles in the three worlds - into the life of universality. This is a point of inexpressible bliss.

The Law of Attraction governs the process of dying, as it governs all else in manifestation. It is the principle of coherency which, under the balanced integration of the whole body, preserves it intact, stabilizes its rhythm and cyclic life processes and relates its varied parts to each other. It is the major coordinating principle within all forms, for it is the primary expression (within the soul) of the first aspect of divinity, the will aspect. This statement may surprise you, accustomed as you are to regard the Law of Attraction as an expression of the second aspect, love-wisdom. This attractive principle is found in all forms, from the tiny form of the atom to that form, the planet Earth, through which our planetary Logos expresses Himself. But if it is the principle of coherency and the cause of integration, it is also the medium through which "restitution" is brought about and by which the human soul is periodically reabsorbed into the over-shadowing soul. This aspect of the Law of Attraction has, as yet, received little attention. The reason is that it concerns the highest expression of that Law, and is therefore related to the will aspect of Deity, as also the will aspect of the Monad. Only as the Shamballic force proceeds with its more direct work in the coming cycle, and men begin to discriminate (as they must and will) between self-will and the spiritual will, between determination, intention, plan, purpose, and fixed polarization, will clarification come. The Law of Attraction has (as all else in [434] manifestation) three phases or aspects, each related to the three divine aspects:

  1. It relates life and form, spirit and matter - the third aspect.
  2. It governs the coherent integrative process which produces forms - the second aspect.
  3. It brings about the imbalance which results in the act of disintegration, thus overcoming form - as far as the human being is concerned - and brings this about in three phases to which we have given the names:
    1. Restitution, resulting in the dissolution of the body and the return of its elements, atoms and cells, to their originating source.
    2. Elimination, involving the same basic process in relation to the forces which have constituted the astral body and the mental vehicle.
    3. Absorption, the mode whereby the human soul is integrated into its originating source, the over-shadowing, universal soul. This is an expression of the first aspect.
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