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Esoteric Healing - Chapter IV - The Basic Requirements for Healing
Part Two

The Basic Requirements for Healing

We are now entering upon a new section of our discussion on the Rays and Disease. It is essentially far more practical in scope than the highly speculative section (speculative to all of you) which we have just concluded. Much that I have there told you is, for you, in the nature of questionable truth (using this word "questionable" in its real sense; i.e., as promoting questions). For the most intuitive of you, it was at its best a "possibly accurate" hypothesis. I would here ask you to note this phrasing, paradoxical as it may appear. You have no direct means of knowing how true it may be. A great deal of the mystery of life and of living will clarify as more and more aspirants in the world begin to function consciously in the realm of causes. There is no questioning in the Hierarchy, except upon those matters which touch upon the unpredictable nature of human reactions. Even in connection with the uncertain activities of mankind, the Masters can usually gauge what will occur, but esoterically They refuse "to ponder on the energies released upon the plane of earthly living, for fear that counter-energies, issuing from the Center where They dwell may negate the truth of man's free will." I am here quoting one of the Masters, speaking at a conference held in 1725. [381]

What I have told you in the previous section is to me unquestionable truth and factually proven; to you it may be an adequate hypothesis or a questionable and non-acceptable interpretation of the underlying causes of disease.

Behind humanity lies a very ancient past, wherein so-called sins and errors, wrongdoing and wrong attitudes have piled up a very heavy karma which (fortunately for the race of men!) is being rapidly worked off at this time. The immense interest in disease which is displayed today, the focusing of all the resources of medical and surgical science on behalf of the fighting forces - (resources later to be mobilized in aid of the civilian populations of the devastated countries in both hemispheres) - the widespread research being carried on in our hospitals and centers of learning, and the rapid discoveries of science, plus a steady trend towards a much needed simplification, will before long bring about major changes in the approach to disease.. These will lead to the eradication of many of the dreaded inherited diseases.

The inspiration and inflow of occult knowledge, via the disciples and initiates of the world, will bring about many alterations in technique; the coming revelation of new, yet most simple, laws of health, and the blending which will inevitably come of orthodox medicine, psychology and spiritual methods of healing, will produce an entirely new approach to the entire subject; the increasing use of fire as a means of purification (both in relation to the soil of the planet and to the human frame) will do much. Of this, the technique of inducing fever as a means of curing certain forms of disease, and the method (frequently employed by nature) of subjecting large areas of the soil to the impact of fire, will be developed into a new and most helpful science. This, however, will come later. I indicate simply faint trends in that direction. Man stands - in all fields of [382] knowledge - at a climaxing point; this has been induced by the rapid unfoldment of the human consciousness, and it prefaces a great expansion of the understanding and a new insight into the conditioning causes which are responsible for much that today distresses man's physical body.

The new learning and the coming knowledge will arise as a result of an awakening intuition, of the presence upon earth of a very great number of advanced and developed souls, and the coming of the Hierarchy and Humanity into a closer relationship. The blending (slowly going forward) of the energies of those two planetary centers will bring about major changes and unfoldments, and this not only in the perceptive faculties of man but in the physical mechanism also. There will be a much greater resistance to the indigenous and inherited diseases and a real ability to resist infections; this will eliminate much pain and suffering. The reduction of the sum of human karma through the experience of this planetary war (1914-1945) will enable the souls seeking incarnation to create bodies free from tendencies to morbid developments. The Masters are entirely free from disease because they have entirely overcome the karma of the three worlds and are liberated.

The ability - developed during the past fifty years - to cope with the planetary disease of tuberculosis will, when extended into the densely populated areas of the Orient and to districts suffering hitherto from inadequate medical attention, stamp it out altogether. The syphilitic diseases are already being brought under rapid control through the use of the newly discovered drugs, though these are regarded as amelioratives only by the Masters, and as superficial in time and space. Such diseases will be slowly and correctly stamped out in toto as humanity shifts its consciousness on to the mental plane and away from the field of astral and sexual desire with their reflex action upon [383] the automatic and responsive physical body. The third great planetary disease, cancer, is as yet basically uncontrollable, and the relative simplicity of surgery seems at present the only mode of possible cure. The mode of preventing the occurrence of cancer and the nature of its cause are still unknown, and the entire field is largely speculative and still subject to infinite research and investigation. Many minor ailments, infections and a wide range of allied physical ills will eventually be found traceable to one or other of these three basic diseases; they, in their turn, are related to a definite misuse of the energy of the three major rays. It might be stated that:

  1. The syphilitic diseases are due to the misuse of third ray energy, that of the creative, intelligent energy of substance itself.
  2. Tuberculosis is the result of the misuse of the energy of the second ray.
  3. Cancer is a mysterious and subtle reaction to the energy of the first ray, the will-to-live, which is one of the aspects of this ray. It works out, therefore, in an over-activity and growth of the body cells whose will-to-live becomes destructive to the organism in which they are to be found.

I have here only given you a hint, and one that is not of wide usefulness at this time. A great deal of occult research remains to be done by the medical profession along these lines, but this will only be possible when the Science of the Rays is better understood and when the evidence substantiating the presence of five basic energies in every human being (the energies of his five conditioning rays) can be ascertained; men will learn some day to determine with ease their ray type, and the rays which govern their threefold personality. [384]

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