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Esoteric Healing - Chapter IV - Some Questions Answered
On the Christ

Some aspirants and disciples may experience an almost constant recollection of the Christ; that is due to their increasing sensitivity to the inner planes and particularly to the fact that so much of the matter in the astral body of the advanced aspirant is taken from (and is therefore sensitive to) the highest subplane of the astral plane. It is also due to the fact that the Lord Maitreya with His workers is approaching nearer all the time to the physical plane. The focus of His attention in the year 1936 was, for the first time, predominantly on the first subplane of the astral plane. Hence the sensitive's correct and immediate response to His energy there expressed. He is coming nearer in His thought and activity. Should the peoples of the world respond to the presented opportunity, His forces and attention could penetrate more deeply and be predominantly on etheric levels with all that is implied in such a situation.

This, many sense subjectively and know; and great, therefore, is their opportunity and yours to constitute increasingly a channel for this force.

Remember that the work for which He comes and to which the attendant Hierarchy is pledged is to help Him in the "healing of the nations" as it is expressed in [362] the Bible. This is a true statement of an imminent fact. This healing will be brought about if men of goodwill everywhere measure up to their opportunity; if the work of the Christ and of His helpers is brought more definitely to the attention of the general public, and if there is an inner relaxation in the world of men which will permit the devas to work. It is their readiness and their response to the near approach to the Christ which many consecrated servers are subjectively sensing, and which has somewhat perplexed them. The devas can only be sensed and felt; they cannot be approached by humanity as yet through the medium of the thought world and the use of the mechanism of thought in man. There is no danger involved for the server if he becomes aware of these deva forces and their activities, via the Christ and through their responsiveness to His work and imminent appearance.

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