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Esoteric Healing - Chapter IV - Some Questions Answered
On Instantaneous Healing

Instantaneous healing may be of various kinds. We might cite the following from among several possibilities which account for the happening:

  1. The healing which is the result of a definite practice, conscious or unconscious, of Hatha Yoga. This is brought about by a projection of purely physical magnetism, which, added to the quota of available physical magnetism at the patient's disposal within his own physical body, suffices to effect an immediate cure. The magnetism in the body of the patient, instead of being outgoing and radiating, becomes inverted and turns inward to make its contribution to the reservoir of physical force held in a static condition within the body. The more low grade human types produce this kind of healing with facility. This is equally so in relation to the patient and the healer. The case cited is a case in point. The healing was more easily brought about [359] by the "sheik" concerned because the wound (a bite in the arm - A.A.B.) was self-inflicted and before inflicting it, the patient (if I may so call him) held the outgoing force in abeyance by an act of the will, thus creating a reservoir of energy which was available to supplement that of the sheik which was, in its turn, released by a mantram. This is definitely not spiritual healing.
  2. There is also that form of healing which can be instantaneous because the disease is largely psychological and hallucinatory. The healer is then in the position to enable the patient to throw off illusion and so stand free. The will of the healer when added to that of the patient, aids in the breaking of the illusion and of the glamorous thought-form and the patient then stands free. This is a psychological healing and only one illustration of it.
  3. Then there is a type of healing which is brought about in two ways, and this is the true spiritual healing:
    1. When the patient makes a sudden and frequently unexpected contact with his soul, and in which the soul energy is so great and so potent that it sweeps through the vehicles and definitely produces effects. Thus cures are brought about in some vehicle or another and frequently in the physical vehicle. The physical condition or disease retains, so oft, the undivided attention of the consciousness of the human being involved, and the soul pours through to the point of concentrated attention. In this thought lies, for many of you, a clear hint.
    2. When the patient's evil physical karma is exhausted, and physical plane illness is not, at this particular time, his destiny. Then the healer can begin to bear upon the situation, if he is spiritual and full of wisdom, enough spiritual energy to ensure a cure. [360]

I trust you will find these answers suggestive. Ponder deeply upon the implications.

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