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Esoteric Healing - Chapter IV - Some Questions Answered
On Using the Mind and the Imagination to Develop Group Consciousness

When a member of a group, such as a group for healing, speaks of developing group consciousness, he refers to his particular group of brothers, and to his group as a unit of several souls. Forget not that such a unit is in itself a separative concept from the angle of the greater whole, but it serves a useful purpose in training the group members to think in those wider terms. It serves as a stepping stone away from the consciousness of the isolated personality.

If you can indeed feel, think and function as one complete unit - several personalities and one soul - it will then be relatively easy to extend the concept to a broader [355] inclusiveness, to broaden your horizon and thus become inclusive in a much wider sense.

The using of the mind to this end involves an aptitude to learn the distinction between analysis and criticism. This is a hard and well-nigh impossible thing for many to learn. Traces of illumination of this subject will show themselves if the group persists in all earnestness. The members have to learn to respond, as a group, to the same spiritual, mental and human ideas, and thus swing - as a "telepathic unit" - into one united train of thought. They have, as a group, to be preoccupied with the same things which are indicated by the soul of the group, and not by one person in the group, as is apt to be the case. They have to learn, as a group, to hold the mind steady in the light - the group mind, and not their individual minds.

In using the imagination to this end, you have to cultivate the power to ignore the outer forms and to concentrate on the inner lines of light which unite brother to brother, group to group, and kingdom to kingdom in the expression of the Life of God Himself. It is the creative use of the imagination which produces an integrated group etheric body and which enables you to see this group body of force and light as one complete form and as one expression of the group intelligence, will and purpose - but not the will or purpose of the dominant mind or minds in the group. Thus these can work out on the physical plane in right expression. However, when the group members are primarily occupied with their own ideas, their plans, their problems, and how they can use whatever light and knowledge may be received, they negate any possibility of such creative use of the united imagination. To become entirely free from this will take much careful cultivation and self-surrender to the soul. [356]

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