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Esoteric Healing - Chapter IV - Some Questions Answered
On Suffering

Suffering, in the last analysis, is only possible when the soul is identified with the body, or rather, when the spiritual aspect of the soul (in the body) is identified with the animal soul, which informs and vitalizes the form and constitutes its temporary life. During unconsciousness, the animal soul is aware of pain and suffering, and those who nurse and watch know this well, but there is no real pain or true distress because the real man, the spiritual soul, has been driven away either by excessive pain (as in true unconsciousness) or by narcotics.

The suffering of the soul, when the personality goes astray, is only a symbolic form of words. There is no pain or true suffering, and frequently no knowledge of the happening, for the vibration is not high enough to penetrate into that high plane where dwells the soul. Where, however, [347] there is such knowledge, the soul experiences, if I might so express it, a sense of lost opportunity, and therefore a sense of frustration, but it is not more than that, for the patience of the soul, as of the Hierarchy, is illimitable. Just because we speak symbolically and say the soul suffers, you must not interpret it in ordinary terms.

The suffering of Christ or of the planetary Logos or of God Himself, is not comprehensible in terms of personality reaction. We use the words, but they really mean "detached and isolated identification." Does that convey aught to you, my brother?

Wrong identification is the cause of pain and leads to suffering, distress and various effects. Right identification leads to understanding and comprehension of the psychological attitudes of the sufferer, but to no true pain or distress as we normally understand it.

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