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Esoteric Healing - Chapter IV - Some Questions Answered
On the Spleen

The spleen is the most important agent of the life force, but it is the life force inherent in matter itself, independently of form. It is therefore closely related to the planetary physical body. It is the externalization of a very important center. [335]

There are three centers in the body (with allied externalizations) which are basically essential to life.

  1. The heart center and the physical heart itself. In these the life principle (the Spirit aspect) is located. Life and Spirit are one.
  2. The head center and the brain in which the consciousness principle (the Soul aspect) is located.
  3. The pranic center and the spleen, in which the life of matter itself (the Matter aspect) is located.

You must bear in mind that, as H.P.B. points out, the dense physical body is not a principle. It is atomic matter which is held in form by etheric substance, under the control of the soul. It is automatic in its response, and reacts to the outer world of impacts and inner impulses, but has no initiatory life of its own. It is composed of units of energy, as is all else in nature, and has its own individual life; its focus for the distribution of energy for this life is the spleen.

In the spleen, the negative life of matter and the living energy of the positive etheric body, are brought together, and then a "spark," as it is called, is made between the inner living bodies of man (through the medium of the etheric body) and the physical plane. It is a reflection on the lowest rung of the evolutionary ladder, as far as man is concerned, and corresponds to the relation of soul and body or - on a higher turn of the spiral - of spirit and matter.

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