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Esoteric Healing - Chapter IV - Some Questions Answered
On Oriental and Occidental Bodies

The question is also often in the minds of some healers whether there is a difference in the causes of disease and the effects as experienced in oriental or occidental bodies. To them I would say:

Humanity is one and the same all over the world, and both eastern and western bodies are prone to the same diseases and manifest the same symptoms; all suffer from tuberculosis, from cancer and the sexual taints; all die frequently [330] from pneumonia and influenza. Through sanitation and other curative methods, carried out on a large scale, ancient diseases (inherited from old Atlantis) such as bubonic plague and cholera, are being slowly stamped out. They still crop out in the East owing to the strength of the ancient civilizations, the lack of food, of sanitation, and the dense crowding. They are also climatic diseases and perish in the colder air of the north. Certain diseases are the result of wrong diet, used over unnumbered centuries.

One of the main reasons for the apparent difference (if there is any) may lie also in the greater age of the oriental races. The diseases of old age, and those of youth or middle age, have their variations, and Asia and its peoples are very, very old. The body stock is wearing out fast. Yet the Japanese show no sign of that old age. India is far older than Europe, but the Chinese and Japanese stock is older still, yet they demonstrate no such sign of effete old age. The reason for this lies in the very different type of emotional body as found in the Aryan or Atlantean. The whole question is incalculably difficult.

I might answer your question, however, very briefly, by saying that there is no difference whatever in the basic causes of disease in the East and the West. They are the same for the whole human family.

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