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Esoteric Healing - Chapter IV - Some Questions Answered
On Glands

"Is it possible by certain types of meditation to stimulate either one of the post or ante lobes of the pituitary body, when there is a minus functioning? Will a meditation designed to integrate the personality automatically adjust the trouble and bring about proper pituitary activity? Will this also adjust and balance the activity of the other important glands?"

You have here several questions; the whole matter is too vast for proper handling within the available time and limits.

I would say, however, very briefly, that the stimulation of either lobe of the pituitary body, and equally the stimulation of any of the glands by meditation, undertaken by neophytes, is a most dangerous undertaking. It can be done, but it is not an advisable proceeding except under the expert supervision of some of those who know more than you know and who can see more than you can see. The glands are the result of the activity or the inactivity of the centers or chakras in the body, and parallel their development. This development is dependent upon the ray and the point in evolution. The subject is vast and difficult, and I would have you all remember that constant dwelling upon the physical factors to be found in the personality equipment is not the way of the disciple. He must aim, as you suggest, at personality integration and at the goal of being a pure channel for the soul. Such an integration is the result, normally achieved, of

  1. Character-building.
  2. Soul contact through meditation.
  3. Life expression through service. [326]

The practice of these three, over a long period of years, will inevitably produce the desired results as far as the glandular equipment is concerned, and as far as the total mechanism can stand the pressure of the soul requirements, as they must be met in each specific life.

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