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Esoteric Healing - Chapter IV - Some Questions Answered
On Fever

Fever is simply indication of trouble and is a basic way of purification and of elimination. It is an indicator and not a disease in itself. Ponder on this, and apply it on all planes, for physical plane fever has its astral and mental counterparts. It is over-excessive energy which burns up and, in burning, relieves and cures (either through the subjugation of the germ or group of energies which caused it or by the releasing power of death). Where possible, and when the physical body is strong enough to stand the strain, it is well to let the fever have its way for a time, for it is nature's cure of certain undesirable conditions. Fevers not only give warning of the presence of that which causes distress, but have in themselves definite therapeutic value. But careful watching and balancing will be required - balancing against the energies of the body. Whilst the fever is rampant, the body is rendered relatively futile, and its normal activities are affected. As to the cure and the correct [314] treatment of fevers, much is known by the orthodox medical profession, and this knowledge will suffice until such time as the causes of fevers are better understood and physicians can work with the cause and not with the effect.

Over-emotionalism is an astral correspondence of physical fever and indicates a rampant germ of desire which must be dealt with before the fever can subside. An over-active mind which is ill-regulated, very busy but futile accomplishment, is the mental correspondence.

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