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Esoteric Healing - Chapter IV - Some Questions Answered
On the Dual Cause of Congestion

Let me make one or two concise statements and then explain.

  • First, subjective condition alone cannot cause an outer congestion. The soul has arranged to express itself through the medium of a body which has certain predispositions.
  • Second, the subjective is a causative factor when in collaboration with the inherited tendencies of the physical body; therefore, all congestion cannot be avoided, for the subjective life determines the condition and the physical body is predisposed to certain diseases. This is the will of the soul. Might I point out that at this stage of human evolution, no subjective conditions are ever right?
  • Third, an outer condition alone cannot be a causative factor. If I am right in my major premises (and this the new and coming science will prove), then the observations of the medical world will need to be readjusted to the facts. The causative factor exists in the meeting of the inner and the outer existing factors.

Let me make the matter a little clearer, for confusion may be caused by the idea that disease is the result of two causes - an inner cause and an outer cause. The subjective [310] situation is the initiating cause. Some psychological factor, leading to a wrong use of energy, sets in motion those inner tendencies which find their way out, as vital determining factors, on to the physical plane. There they come into contact with the physical body or expression which has certain predispositions, certain inherited weaknesses, certain glandular deficiencies - all of which were part of the needed equipment whereby the soul determined that certain needed lessons should be mastered. The relation established between the outer and the inner forces is the basic cause (expressing itself in two causes) which produces some form of disease. It is again the negative and the positive aspects brought into a relation which produces a third factor: the manifestation of some form of disease.

If you speak of perfect physical conditions, I know of no such conditions or of any physical body or physical environment to which such a term could be applied. There must be both the inner psychological situation and cause, which is the subjective reality (on a tiny scale), and the outer physical condition, manifesting as a weakness or as imperfections; these, in their turn, are a tendency from a previous life, a predisposition, an hereditary lesion or a latent difficulty, based on earlier life interests or malpractice. Bring these two major determining factors together and - under the law - you will inevitably have some visible manifestation of physical disease or difficulty; this can be serious or relatively unimportant; it can be dangerous to life or capable of providing only temporary discomfort. No outer condition alone is adequate to produce disease, but the difficulty is that modern medicine does not yet permit the hypothesis of hidden cause except those superficial ones such as, for instance, that worry and intense anxiety can aggravate existing heart trouble. It does not yet permit of those factors which trace back to an earlier life. In the case of contagious [311] diseases, the inner cause is of group origin, and has therefore an outer group effect and is an expression of group karma. The difficulty of the matter is consequently great.

There must be, as you perceive, two existing factors, and these, when related and stimulated, produce the appearance of disease. It should be remembered that the question of the soul's choosing of a body and the type of vehicle wherein certain types of lessons can be learned and certain educative experiences mastered, is a little-understood theme. In connection with this, I would remind you that disease is often a mode of clearance and ultimately beneficent in its effects. It is the working out into manifestation of an inner undesirable factor, and when the inner and the outer causes are brought out into the clear light of day they can be handled, understood and often dissipated and ended through the tribulation of disease and suffering. But this is a hard saying.

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