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Esoteric Healing - Chapter II - Causes Emanating from Group Life
Whether the conservative and the so-called strictly "moral" people dislike this worldwide happening has no bearing on the case. It has happened and is happening daily and will materially bring about far-reaching changes. These interracial and mixed relationships have always happened upon a small and individual scale; they are now happening on a large scale. For the results of this due preparation must be made.

As is well known to you, there are certain diseases which are numerically dominant in the world today. They are:

  1. Heart diseases of various kinds, particularly afflicting advanced humanity.
  2. Insanities. [225]
  3. Cancer, so widely prevalent among every type of man today.
  4. The social diseases - syphilitic in nature.
  5. Tuberculosis.

In a subtle and occult manner, these diseases are due to two basic causes: One is the close interplay between people, living under modern conditions, and the massing of people into cities and towns; the other is the age of the soil upon which man lives (a fact little recognized or considered), for it is deeply impregnated with the germs and the residue incident to past ages. The immunity of man is an amazing matter, could you but realize it; he resists and throws off constantly and continuously every kind of disease - those which are the result of contact with others, those which are prevalent in the very atmosphere at every time, those which are latent within his own bodily organism, and those which are inherited and to which he has a constant predisposition. Man's fight for health is ceaseless and unending, ranging all the way from ordinary fatigue and tiredness (plus the universal tendency to take cold), to mortal disease, ending in death.

To the trained occult observer, it is as if humanity - as a whole - is walking partly in a dense shadow which engulfs the race, and some part of which involves an area of the body of every human being. One of the aims of the New Age will be "to lighten this shadow and bring people out into the fitness of true health." This same shadow penetrates also into the mineral kingdom, affects the vegetable kingdom, and involves also the animals; it is one of the major causes of all that can be considered under the name of "sin," which may surprise you. It is also the fertile seed of crime. This is a fact to be accepted, to be properly considered and dealt with rationally, sanely, intelligently and [226] spiritually; it will require all the factors mentioned to lift humanity out of the darkness of disease into established and radiant health. Certain of the Masters are dealing with this problem in relation to the other kingdoms in nature, for there will be no true escape for man whilst his environment is still under the shadow of disease.

Much that I could tell you in this connection would sound fanciful and would call forth the scoffing amusement of the hard-boiled scientist. The theories held by mankind as to the origin of diseases, and the recognition of bacteria and germs and similar intruding organisms are largely correct, but this is so only if you bear in mind that they are in reality effects of causes upon which the investigator has not touched and which are hidden in the very history of the planet itself and also in the racial history of the past - of which little or practically nothing is known. Surmise and conjecture rule here.

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