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Esoteric Healing - Chapter I - The Psychological Causes of Disease
Later, energy from the spirit aspect, the first or Father aspect, will become available and will pour down through the head center to the ajna center, combining personality energy and soul energy. Then, by an act of the will, it is projected down the spinal column, via the alta major center, which conditions the carotid gland. As it passes down the spinal column it vitalizes two aspects of the centers; when [211] it reaches the basic center, it combines with the latent energy of substance itself, and you have, therefore, the union of all three divine energies and the manifestation in man of the three divine aspects. These combined energies then rush up the central channel in the spinal column, and the third or highest receptive aspect of the centers is energized. All the centers are thus brought into full expression; all limitations are destroyed; every part of the body is vitalized and material perfection is produced, plus the full play of the enlightened consciousness and also of the life aspect.

The nervous system then comes under the complete control of the spiritual man, and the blood stream is purified and becomes an unimpeded and satisfactory channel for the circulation of that which the energized glands discharge. This is the esoteric significance of the Biblical words, "The blood is the life," and also of the words "saved by the blood of Christ." It is not by the blood of a Christ dying two thousand years ago upon the cross in Palestine that man is saved, but by the livingness of the blood of those in whom the Christ life and consciousness, and the quality of the Christ, is perfectly demonstrating and expressed. Then, when the nature of the indwelling Christ is fully, spontaneously and automatically expressing itself in and through the personality, the three fires of the creative process - the fire of matter, the fire of the soul, and the electric fire of spirit - are blended, and there is then a perfect manifestation on Earth of physical living, of the emotional and mental life, and also of the spiritual life of an incarnated Son of God, a Christ.

It is on this point of understanding that so many worthy people go astray, particularly in the mental science movements, in the Unity movement, and in Christian Science. Instead of focusing their effort on achieving the pure life [212] of Christ in every day life, and acting as consecrated servers of their fellowmen and as channels for love, and becoming aware only of the consciousness of the whole, they are focused on affirming a future perfection - mentally and vocally - in order to have good health and physical comfort. They regard it as their right and due, to be gained by affirmation, and forget the hard work necessary to bring about within themselves those conditions which will make the divine manifested Christ present. They need to bear in mind that good health will be normal and declarative if the inner consciousness is harmless (and the majority of these people are guilty of a superior spirit of criticism), if they are decentralized from the lower self in the three worlds, and if they are "focused in heaven, thereby enabling the heavenly Son of Man Who is the Son of God to lead the heavenly life when far from the heavenly realm" - as an old Christian mystic, long forgotten, used to say. His words have been remembered by the Master M - and thus recalled to my attention.

Another school of thought, branding themselves untruthfully as occultists, are equally in error. They work, or rather profess to work, with the centers, only fortunately for them nature protects them often from themselves. They endeavor consciously to vitalize the centers, to burn away the protective web, and to raise the fires of matter before the fire of spirit has combined with the fire of the soul. They then fall victims to premature stimulation of the fires of substance before the balancing of the forces can take place. Disease, insanities, and many neurotic conditions, plus serious pathological conditions, then occur. Some of the glands become over-active; others are overlooked, and the entire glandular system and the dependent nervous system are in a state of complete imbalance. [213]

Disciples need to learn to focus their attention upon the reality and upon the factors of primary spiritual importance. When they do this, the energies in the head, the correct use of the spinal area with its "beaded centers," and the awakening of the basic center and its consequent fusion with the higher energies will be an automatic and perfectly safe happening.

The orderly rhythm of the glandular system and the free, safe use of the controlled nervous system will then be possible; the energies, projected from the center, via the nadis, will be safely related and brought into a synthetic functioning within the body, and the disciple will experience not only a fully awakened consciousness, and a brain which is ever intelligently receptive, but a constant inflow of spiritual life. There will then be that perfect balance and perfect health which characterize a Master of the Wisdom.

Knowledge concerning the endocrine or ductless glands is as yet in an embryonic state. Much is known anent the glands connected with the sacral center and about the thyroid gland, but to date, naturally, the medical profession does not admit that they are effects of the activity or the non-activity of the centers, or that a line of least resistance exists between the sacral center and the throat center. Something is known (not much) about the pituitary body, but its extreme importance as it affects the psychological response of the person is not adequately grasped. Nothing is known, factually speaking, about the pineal or the thymus glands, and this because neither the head center nor the heart center is awakened in undeveloped man, or even in the average citizen. That there is a considerable wealth of knowledge anent the sacral center (as the source of physical creation) and the conditioning effects of the thyroid gland is due to the fact that both these centers are awakened in the average man, and when the functioning is adequate [214] and the necessary interplay is established, you then have a highly sexed individual who is also a creative artist along some artistic line. This is very frequently seen, as you well know. When the ajna center and its externalization, the pituitary body, are also active, and the relation between the three centers - sacral, throat and ajna center - is awakened and beginning to function, and definite conscious relationship is being set up between it and the other centers (dependent upon ray, upon conscious objective and training), then you will have the practical mystic, the humanitarian and the occultist.

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