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Esoteric Healing - Chapter I - The Psychological Causes of Disease
The spinal column is primarily intended to be the channel through which the energizing of the centers and the distribution of energy to the surrounding areas of the body is carried forward by the intelligent, integrated personality, acting under the conscious direction of the soul. I refer not here to the bony structure of the spinal column, but to the cord, its esoteric counterpart, and to the nerves which issue from the spine. Today this planned, directed esoteric control of energy is not present, except in the case of those with the initiate consciousness and certain advanced disciples. There are inhibitions, blockages, unawakened areas, deficiency of vitality, lack of free flow and consequent lack [202] of development within the whole man; or else there is too much stimulation, a too rapid vibratory activity, a premature awakening of the centers, leading to the over-activity of the atoms and cells governed by any particular center. All these conditions, along with others not mentioned, affect the nervous system, condition the glands and produce psychological difficulty and disease in some form or another. You have the following simple yet suggestive and symbolic diagram of the spinal column and the head, looking at both from the angle of the centers and the  glands: [203]

Centers and Glands

You will note that the spleen is not included in this diagram. Its function is a peculiar one, being the center of vitality in relation to the planetary vitality and the radiation from the sun. It is not controlled in any way from the spinal column. It must be borne in mind that this diagram is simply an effort to relate in pictorial form the centers, the glands which they condition, and the organs which are affected by both. It is not intended to be a true picture of any physiological organic relations.

The center at the base of the spine has a unique function. It is to the substance of the body, to the physical tissue and to all matter not included in the organs mentioned above, the source of life. In the perfected man, the two centers (the highest head center and the basic center) represent the great duality of spirit and matter, and they then control and govern, in perfect unison, the entire direction of the vehicle of the soul. Finally, you will have the spiritual aspect of the human being expressing itself perfectly through the related monad and personality (which is brought about by a third great major fusion). The material man is then responsive to these two, via the head center (the monad) and the basic center (the spiritually energized personality). These two centers will then be in complete rapport, expressing the full nature of the spiritual man.

It is essential that spiritual healers should get clearly in their minds the picture of the areas in the body which are governed by the head centers and the other centers, because within those areas are the various organs which react to disease. The health of these organs is largely dependent upon the centers, as they condition the glands and as the energy is distributed throughout the body. A full and balanced flow of energy from the center into the area which it controls leads to resistance to so-called disease; [204] where there is lack of development and an unbalanced situation, where the centers are concerned, there will be no power to resist. The healing process in the New Age will start with definitely planned work with the centers, and the general trend of the healing art will then be - as you can easily see - preventive in nature rather than curative. The whole emphasis will be upon the energy centers, energy currents and the direction of energy to the organs within the radius of the influence of any particular center. From a study of the glands (a study so much in its infancy that it hardly merits the word "embryonic") much will be later learned of their relationship to the centers, and much experimental work will be done. From the standpoint of the esotericist who admits the fact of the centers, the glands are, par excellence, the major determining factor in connection with the general health of an individual; they indicate not only his psychological development far more than is today grasped, but they have (as is suspected by the orthodox medical science) a most potent effect upon the whole organic system; their influence, via the blood stream, reaches into every part of the body and to the extremities. The glands are the result of the activity of the centers; they are first, last, and all the time effects of inner predisposing causes, and it is through the centers and their affiliated glands that the soul builds the apparatus upon the physical plane which we call the physical man.

Therefore, the group of related factors with which we have been dealing must be carefully studied and grasped by any practicing healer, for he will eventually have to work through his own centers in relation to the patient whose ills he is endeavoring to heal. He must remember, consequently, three factors: The centers, their related glands, and the group of organs for which these two are responsible. You have in the seven areas of the body, governed by the [205] seven major centers and their affiliated glands, the appearance again of the basic trinity of manifestation:

  1. Life or spirit - the energy center.
  2. Soul or quality - the gland.
  3. Form or matter - the organs in any particular area governed by any one center.
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