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Esoteric Healing - Chapter I - The Psychological Causes of Disease
4. The Heart Center. This is located between the shoulder blades and is - in this day and age - the center which is receiving the most attention from Those Who are responsible for the unfoldment of the human consciousness. It might be truly said, brother of mine, that the rapid unfoldment of this lotus is one of the reasons why the world war could not be avoided. In one sense, it was a necessary happening (given the blind selfishness of the bulk of humanity) because it had become necessary to do away with all the old forms of government, of religion and of the crystallized social order. Humanity has now reached a point of group awareness and of group interplay of a deeply spiritual kind, and new forms were required through which this new spirit could function more adequately.
  1. The heart center corresponds to the "heart of the Sun," and therefore to the spiritual source of light and love.
  2. It is brought into functioning activity after the second initiation. That initiation marks the completion of the process whereby the emotional nature (with its outstanding quality of desire) is brought under soul control, and the desire of the personal lower self has been transmuted into love. It is the organ for the distribution of hierarchical energy, poured out [157] via the soul into the heart center of all aspirants, disciples and initiates; in this way this energy is made available and brings about two results:
    1. The regeneration of humanity through love.
    2. The relationship, firmly established, between a rapidly developing humanity and the Hierarchy. In this way two great planetary centers - the Hierarchy and Humanity - are brought into a close contact and relationship.

As the Bible says: "the love of God is shed abroad" in the human heart, and its transforming, magnetic and radiatory power is essential for the reconstruction of the world and for the establishment of the new world order. Upon the unfoldment of the heart center, and on an intelligent relation of mankind to the Hierarchy, with the consequent response of man to the energy of love, all disciples are asked at this time to ponder and reflect, for as a "man thinketh in his heart, so is he." Thinking in the heart becomes truly possible only when the mental faculties have been adequately developed and have reached a fairly high stage of unfoldment. Feeling in the heart is often confused with thinking. The ability to think in the heart is the result of the process of transmuting desire into love during the task of elevating the forces of the solar plexus into the heart center. Heart thinking is also one of the indications that the higher aspect of the heart center, the twelve-petalled lotus found at the very center of the thousand-petalled lotus, has reached a point of real activity. Thinking as a result of correct feeling is then substituted for personal sensitivity. It gives us the first faint indications, likewise, of [158] that state of being which is characteristic of the monad and which cannot be called consciousness - as we understand the term.

  1. The heart center becomes essentially related to the personality when the process of alignment with the soul is being mastered. This process is today being taught in all the newer and sounder esoteric schools, and has been emphasized in the Arcane School from the start; it is that procedure (distinguished by right orientation, concentration and meditation) which relates the personality to the soul, and thus to the Hierarchy. Relationship to the Hierarchy automatically takes place as this alignment goes forward and direct soul contact is thereby established. Personality consciousness is superseded by group consciousness, and the inflow of hierarchical energy follows as a natural consequence, for all souls are only aspects of the Hierarchy. It is this established relationship, with its subsequent interplay (magnetic and radiatory), which brings about the final destruction of the soul body or causal body as the relationship reaches its highest point of intensified recognition.
  2. It is that center, therefore, in the physical body through the medium of which the Hierarchy works; it is also the agent of the soul. When I here use the word "soul" I refer not only to the individual soul of man but to the soul also of the planetary Logos, both of which are the result of the union of spirit and matter, of the Father aspect and the Mother aspect. This is a great mystery which only initiation can reveal.
  3. The heart center registers the energy of love. It might here be stated that when the antahkarana has been finally constructed, the three aspects of the [159] Spiritual Triad will each find a point of contact within the etheric mechanism of the initiate who is functioning upon the physical plane. The initiate is now a fusion of soul and personality through which the full life of the monad can be poured.
    1. The head center becomes the point of contact for the spiritual will, Atma.
    2. The heart center becomes the agent for spiritual love, Buddhi.
    3. The throat center becomes the expression of the universal mind, Manas.

In the work of the initiate, as he works out the divine purpose according to the plan, the ajna center becomes the directing agent or the distributor of the blended energies of the divine man. The heart center corresponds to "solar fire" within the solar system, and is magnetic in quality and radiatory in activity. It is the organ of the energy which brings about inclusiveness.

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