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Esoteric Healing - Chapter I - The Psychological Causes of Disease
I would here give you, as a group, another rule, making four major rules:

Rule four
The healer and the healing group must keep the will in leash. It is not will that must be used, but love.

This last rule is of great importance. The concentrated will of any individual and the directed will of a united group [99] should never be employed. The free will of the individual must never be subjected to the impact of a powerfully focused group or individual; it is far too dangerous a procedure to be permitted. Will energy (particularly that of a number of people simultaneously playing upon the subtle and physical bodies of the one to be healed) can greatly increase the trouble instead of curing it. It can stimulate the disease itself to dangerous proportions and disrupt instead of cooperating with nature's healing forces, and can even eventually kill the person concerned by so increasing the disease that the patient's normal resistance can prove futile. I would ask you, therefore, in any group work of healing, to keep the will (and even keen desire) in abeyance. Only initiates of high degree are permitted to cure by the power of the will, focused in the, Word of Power, and this only because they can test the capacity of the patient, the tension of the disease, and know also whether or no it is the will of the soul that the disease should be cured.

We have covered much ground of importance in this section and it will warrant your careful study. In the next one we will take up the peculiar problems of the disciple; I would ask you, in preparation for this, to study with attention, the teaching which I gave earlier on the diseases of the mystics. (A Treatise on the seven Rays, Vol. II, pages 520-625.)   Much said there need not be repeated by me, but should be incorporated in our teachings on healing. I suggest that you read them and know something of the problems themselves, both theoretically and from an understanding of yourself. You should be aware of some of these difficulties in your own experience, at least to some degree.

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